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Thursday Night

Let's get to the news.

At the DMN, Chip Brown has an article about the incredible crop of talent within the Big XII.  Every time I look at Harrell's numbers I am continually impressed.  Granted, he wasn't that great at the beginning of the year, but the light bulb is on, despite the game last week.

The LAJ has a really good Q & A session and most notably, it discusses Tech's bowl projections and why Tech cannot out-recruit UT (i.e. we need to beat them on a consistent basis).  I especially like this question and answer:

Q: How many football games would Tech have won this year if the defense could hold on to a lead in the second half?


A: The Raiders would be 8-3 right now. They've lost two games - to Texas and Oklahoma - after leading at halftime.

There's only one real answer to that question.

The FWST already has a game preview up for the Oklahoma State game.  We'll get more into this later in the week, but I really wonder about Tech's ability to keep up with what seems to be a really strong OSU offense and Olin Buchanon of Rivals believes that this is the best matchup of the week.

In basketball news, lost in all of the Knight controversy, Tech played really well against Arkansas-Little Rock:  57% field goals, 67% three point field goals, and 24 assists.  I think that anyone who has watched a Knight-led team will tell you that the more assists that the team has the better the team plays.