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Welcome to Double T Nation!

For the longest time I would search far and wide for information, anything, on Texas Tech University athletics and much to my dismay, I generally came up short.  Unless of course I wanted to pay for a subscription, but I generally thought that paying for information seemed silly when there appeared to be so much other information readily available.  

In September of this year I took it upon myself to make the effort of pulling together all of the information I could gather.  

Being from Dallas I really enjoyed Lone Star Ball, Mavs Moneyball, and Blogging the Boys and was very impressed with the interaction between the writer of the blog and the readers.  The thing in common with all of those websites is the platform of SB Nation and I knew that if I wanted to reach a wider audience then this is where I needed to be.  

Now we have a platform, and I encourage each and every one of you to create a new account and then create your own diary.

Just for reference purposes, my old site is here and as an aside, I was not getting any traffic to speak of and I really wanted the opportunity to share with the rest of my fellow Texas Tech fans.  I am looking forward to the journey.  

I also want to thank the folks at Burnt Orange Nation for helping me get things going as well as Athletics Nation. Go Raiders. . .