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Trash Talk Thursday: Horns way down

Does anyone not hate the Horns?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We. are. Back! It did not at all feel right trash-talking SFA or FIU, but I am back doing the Lord’s work this week. As Tech heads to the worst city in the state, yeah Austin sucks fight me, it is time for more trash talk. The reasons we should make fun of Texas, and the reasons to hate them, are endless but I kept my list to the best ten reasons. Here we go!

  • They love to talk about recruiting, until they lose a bunch of games with those five star recruits.
  • The fans are tired of watching the Horns play the likes of TCU and Kansas State at home. I would get tired of watching those home L’s too.
  • Austin is an overrated place where happiness goes to die.
  • Their new football stands design is both off-center and fugly.
  • Burnt orange is the worst possible orange.
  • They are most definitely NOT “back”, and never will be.
  • They will be about the 7th best SEC team in their best season.
  • Their fake cowboy band outfits are the worst uniforms possible.
  • Bevo tastes better than he works as a mascot.

Why do you hate Texas? Let us know in the comments!