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Four Texas Tech football players end up on teams during the last day of the draft

Zech Mcphearson goes in the fourth, Jack Anderson goes in Seventh and two more sign as UDFA’s

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State Brian Powers-USA TODAY Sports

After two days without a Texas Tech player being drafted, we saw two of our guys go in the fourth and seventh rounds. Zech Mcphearson went to the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round, and Jack Anderson was picked up by the Buffalo Bills in the seventh. T.J Vasher signed with the Dallas Cowboys following the draft, and Eli Howard went to the Atlanta Falcons as a UDFA as well.

Zech should be able to make an instant impact in the Eagles secondary. Besides Darius Slay, there is a drop in talent at the cornerback position. He could slide in right away as at least the third cornerback on the depth chart and work his way into that starter role while learning from one of the best in the league. They run a scheme that relies on man-coverage, which should favor Zech’s skillset.

Jack Anderson was drafted to a very good situation. He probably won’t be relied upon to be a starter anytime soon, but will be able to learn behind a solid offensive line that kept Josh Allen clean for the most part last season. He fell in the draft because of injuries the past few seasons. I think he would’ve been a much higher pick had he either came out next year, but I am glad to see him put in a favorable position to start off his NFL career. His versatility is what could help him see the field early on, having played some center in the Senior Bowl.

As for T.J Vasher, he will have to work his way up to make the Dallas Cowboys roster in a very talented receiving room. Often injured throughout his Texas Tech career, T.J worked on his frame plenty before the 2020 season and has continued to put on more weight this offseason. If he can remain healthy, he should have plenty of opportunities to show off his athleticism during the offseason/preseason and make another teams roster/practice squad if he can’t stick with the Cowboys.

Eli Howard also has an uphill battle when it comes to trying to make the roster. Atlanta doesn’t have many playmakers on their defensive line besides Dante Fowler, so if Eli is going to make it onto a team anywhere in this league this might be his best shot.

Overall I really am excited for Zech and Jack for representing Tech and being drafted. Both have solid opportunities to impress early and work their ways into starting minutes. Vasher and Howard have a ways to go to try and make their respective teams, but you know we’ll be cheering them on and wishing them success through the whole process!