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Lets Go Bowling!

Tech secures 6th win and secures a bowl bid

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In a week that saw the hiring of a new coach, the start of basketball season and UT sports crumbling, the most exciting part of the weekend came from the leg of Jonathan Garibay.

Garibay hit a 62 yard field goal as time expired and Texas Tech knocked off the Iowa State Cyclones for the first time in 5 years.

Tech started this game absolutely on fire scoring on their first drive. Then there was a controversial interception that saw ISU tie the game up at 7. Tech from there on would take over the entire first half, going up 28-7 with 3:16 left to go in the half.

ISU put together a quick scoring drive but Tech would get a field goal at the end of the half. Tech went into the half up 31-14.

Then the second half came and a site that was all too familiar came. Tech slowly saw their lead vanish and with a couple questionable decisions to go for it on 4th, eventually saw the game tied up at 38 with 1 minute left on the clock.

Donovan Smith would hook up with Myles Price and Xavier White multiple times on the last drive.

Out came Jonathan Garibay and I’ll be honest, I thought Sonny Cumbie was insane. Garibay came out to attempt a 62 yard field goal and all I could think about was the kick 6 from the Iron Bowl so many years ago.

I sat walking out of one stadium in Iowa City while watching the stream on my phone and Garibay absolutely nailed it.

It was amazing being in the state of Iowa for this and being on ISUs rival school campus, because fans around me were just as excited as me.

Tech needed this for the program and boy did we get it. Tech is going bowling for the first time in what seems like decades and in this weird season, we get one extra game and tons of extra practices.

Tech finishes its season with Oklahoma State and Baylor before the bowl game, and Tech will look to finish strong and find a couple more wins for a better bowl.