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The Big 12 stock market

Get fake rich for real bragging rights in our Big 12 football stock market!

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The stock market insanity of the last few days inspired me to create the first edition of the Big 12 football stock market. Come sign up, trade, and get fake rich! The idea is simple, buy and sell shares of teams to make as much cash as possible.

The rules are as follows below, read through and ask questions in the comments or social media.

1. Everyone starts with a $100,000 dollars. You can spend it all, or save it to play with later.

2. SurveyMonkey will be where I collect the trades. One Survey per day with Surveys locking at 10PM during the season. Saturday and Sunday will not be active trading days. For preseason, we will do one survey a week for the first three weeks, then bi-weekly surveys.

a. The Surveys will list all ten teams. In the text box say the following: BUY (or SELL) # Shares.

3. Daily Pricing updates will be posted during the season. Positions will also be updated Daily. For preseason, we will update once a week/as needed.

a. Starting pricing is based off last seasons statistics from The majority of the price was determined by their SRS ranking and Points Scored. Then, Points Allowed was factored in as a penalty. Kansas was a zero dollar value, so I adjusted them to a dollar to make it more fun. The starting price does not factor in any future roster turnover/events. Use that to your advantage.

4. Dividends are going to rewarded per share for Wins, Regular Season Titles, Conference Titles, Bowl Wins, NY6 Bowl Appearances, NY6 Bowl Wins, Playoff Appearance, and National Title. Since this is preseason, I will roll out these closer to the season once we all get a feel for the basic market. Be advised when trading during preseason to factor that in to your approach as these will be significant market drivers.

5. There is no cap on shares available, instead the price increases based on a variable percentage that is calculated by a formula I designed. The growth rate for smaller stocks is faster, and the larger stocks have less risk but a lower growth rate. This will take some fine tweaking over the course of this game, but I will limit drastic changes that overtly harm someone’s strategy.

6. If you accidentally do the math wrong, and clear your available cash for trades or make another mistake don’t fret! I will use my best judgement to clear up mistakes without harming the players position.

7. Rule updates will be posted, and all players will receive an adjustment based on that information. If the rule change would harm an existing position, it will only be applied going forward.

8. If the game is expanded to other teams, additional cash will be added to player accounts to allow them to buy up those shares. I want to make sure this scales correctly before I try that.

I am sure there are going to be a few questions, so like I said ask us in the comments or social media! Now, without further ado the below table is the starting prices:

Starting Pricing.

The first survey will go out in about a week, once everyone has had a chance to sign up. I hope you all enjoy this, and let’s get crazy.