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The raucous coliseum in the mountains

The home of the Mountaineers is the embodiment of the West Virginian Spirit

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech has a big matchup in Morgantown tonight. How does the WVU stadium grade out?

Crowd: B

Mountaineer fans are among the craziest in the country. The couch burning meme is a thing for a reason. For basketball, they bring it just as hard. It isn’t a premiere crowd when compared to the upper echelons, but these guys can party with the best of the rest.

Architecture/Facilities: B-

The facilities themselves are pretty nice in Morgantown. I also really vibe with the coliseum atmosphere. It makes the stadium feel grander than it actually is. The outside is bland as can be, but like I said I am just a sucker for the layout of the interior.

Overall Rank: 4th

Morgantown is just a sucky place to go play. Traveling is the toughest logistically, and the time change wears in a team. Add in a bunch of crazy Mountaineer fans and this place is just a brutal place to go play. Why I give the U.S.A the edge over The Coliseum is that while the crowds are similar, the facilities and architecture are nicer in Lubbock. Still, The Coliseum is brutal place to go play ball.