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2021 Recruiting Profile: DT Solomon Wright

The 14th ranked DT in Oklahoma is headed to Lubbock to join a young and talented front four.

Bryan Terry / The Oklahoman

The emphasis for Coach Wells and Coach Patterson is clearly on improving the defensive line. Now the third defensive lineman to commit to Texas Tech, Solomon Wright is a beast. Ranked as a 3-star, the hashtag “#FilmDontLie” in his Twitter bio says exactly what I’m thinking after watching tape on him. There is no way Solomon Wright is a 3-star talent. I always will encourage you to watch the entire film on a player, but at least watch the first two plays of this reel.

See what I mean now? Wright has so much talent it’s honestly mind-blowing to me why recruiters are so low on him. I see serious potential for Wright to move up to at least a 4-star if he continues to contribute the way he did his junior year. According to his Twitter, he had 124 TKL, 51 TFL, and 14 sacks in his junior campaign. Yea - I said that right. The fact that Solomon Wright didn’t have more than 5 offers listed on 247 is just crazy to me. Even though the 2021 class is just getting started, I think Wright has a good chance to be the gem of this class. His ability to use his hands is incredible. He also has crazy speed, especially for someone 270 pounds. He uses a combo move with his hands and feet to juke out the offensive lineman, often leaving them completely lost. He gets into the backfield very quickly and either sacks or hits the quarterback almost every time. He even got a few snaps lined up on the edge. His film on the edge was impressive, but I like him more at his usual nose tackle position. He’s even practicing to play some fullback next season, which although sounds fun, is something I don’t think will be utilized at the college level. Watch for Wright to put up even crazy numbers his senior season. It will be very promising if Wright can continue to be the athletes he is. If his senior season is as dominant as his junior season was, there’s a good chance he sees valuable time as a true freshman.

The 2021 Red Raider defense just got a LOT better.