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Four down territory: Baylor

If Tech has any chance of ending the season on a high note, it starts with a win over the Bad News Bears.

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The season is hovering on the verge of a complete failure. The coaching staff can’t get out of their own way, and I feel for every member of the offense who had to watch Matt Wells once again show zero faith in them. Baylor is also having a terrible season, albeit for different reasons, and if Tech wants to escape this year with a shred of dignity they have to hold serve in Lubbock.

First Down: Learn that Matt Wells is not the smartest guy in the room

Matt Wells may actually be the worst in-game coach Tech has had in a very long . His seemingly inability to do anything other than make the wrong call is embarrassing. A lot of that stems from his belief he is playing chess, when he is actually playing tick-tack-toe. Evidence of his incompetence at managing a game started last year and has built with the Texas sky kick debacle, the ISU quarterback disaster, and culminated in the field goal call a 2 year old would know was stupid.

If Wells had stopped trying to prove he is a genius, there is a chance this season would have gone entirely different. Tech has to beat Baylor, and to do that Wells needs to just keep it simple and let the game come to him.

Second Down: Don’t use two quarterbacks

See point above and face palm as hard as you can. What kind of peewee nonsense is this staff trying to pull here? Who has watched this offense and thinks this is the solution? Oh I wonder which of them is going to run the ball and who is going to run play action.

No one, and I do mean no one, can possibly believe this makes sense. We know what these quarterbacks can do, and what their weaknesses are. Pick one and maybe tell the offensive tackles to block literally anyone. Anyone with a brain knows the blocking is the biggest problem with the offense is, that is besides Yost’s predictable and boring offense. This is just turning into Wells and Yost sacrificing more players to cover their own asses.

Pick a guy and roll, otherwise this staff should be ashamed of themselves.

Third Down: Play smart, penalty-free football

Tech is their own worst enemy this year. Besides stupid coaching move after stupid coaching move, penalties are killing Tech. How many false starts do we have now? A billion? And how many times is the defense, which in fairness is the only unit that might be getting better, thrown away a stop with a penalty?

If Tech plays penalty free football against TCU, they might have been in a far different position in the fourth quarter. This is just another in a long list indictments of the Wells coaching era as he came in preaching discipline. If there was ever a time to actually show that, this Saturday would be the time before the season goes down in flames.

Fourth Down: Quotes of the week

“Winning solves everything.” — Tiger Woods

“To err is nature, to rectify error is glory.” - George Washington.