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Four down territory: Reversing the trend against Iowa State

Can Tech finally defeat Matt Cambell?

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State has owned Tech since Matt Cambell took over, an alarming trend as Iowa State had been in a far worse position than Tech historically. Can Wells finally end that streak of failure?

First Down - Stop Charlie Kolar

This comment could be summed up as well any tight end, however, Kolar in particular devastated Tech last year. Charlie and my little brother were in the same class when we lived in Norman, and even in elementary school he was a big kid. But he is a literal monster now and must be stopped at all costs.

I don’t know who Tech has in the secondary that can both run with him, and body him up especially in the red zone but finding an answer is an immediate priority. Brock Purdy, like all quarterbacks, love their huge tight ends so taking away that security blanket is critical to slowing down what is becoming a very potent Iowa State attack.

Second Down - Saturday will be a running back duel

Breece Hall versus Thompson/White for supremacy on the gridiron. Seriously, this is the most important stat to watch. If Iowa State is able to outrush Tech on Saturday, I would feel very confident in Tech losing the game. Tech has a noted weakness through the air, but Hall allows Iowa State to do everything it wants to do. He has been the best back in the conference this season and has opened up Iowa State’s offense.

On the flipside, Thompson struggled against KSU but there was Xavier White to pick up the slack. Tech’s total backfield is as good as anyone’s but just like last week they are matching up against a one man army in the opposite backfield.

Third Down - The hot-hand quarterback must play

Bowman’s status is still very much in the air, but imagine a world he is cleared and starts against Iowa State. There is nothing wrong with that, Bowman is the most talented pure passer on the roster. But, with two conference losses already, his leash must be incredibly short.

We saw Colombi’s mobility and his feel of the offense last week, if Bowman is struggling pulling that lever is a necessity. That sounds like Bowman slander, but if Bowman is healthy and starts I believe he can do the job. The unfair reality for Bowman is that at 1-2, Tech does not have time for blind loyalty. If he struggles, try another arm. Hot-hand is a fallacy in sports, but the quarterback decisions Yost makes this year are what will decide if he is retained going forward.

Fourth Down - Drink of the week: Tequila Sunrise

Another 2:30 kickoff, so your drinking will start early or you will be hurting on Saturday.

That in mind, you want something refreshing and breakfast-y, but hard hitting to power you through another weekend of Tech football. The tequila sunrise is the perfect drink for this occasion. Mimosa’s are for wimps, we in Red Raiderland go harder than that. Here is your recipe so eat, drink, and be happy you aren’t a Kansas fan.