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Could a relatively unknown prospect be the star of the show?

This coaching staff is excited about the potential from Quinton Williams.

There are many prospects that have been well known by most Red Raider fans for some time now. Names such as the 6’11” Trevor Roberson or San Angelo Central Quarterback Maverick McIvor. The prospect that is the center of this profile is not one of those well-known names. What he is is someone that has the potential to come in and become a star for this team.

Quinton Williams made his college decision on Wednesday, going with the Red Raiders over a couple of smaller division one schools. He is a three-star prospect that will most likely play somewhere on the defensive line, I see him fitting very well at defensive end. At 6’6”, Williams has played many positions in high school including middle linebacker and wide receiver.

He only weighs 230lbs, and would definitely need some work in the weight room to put on weight and mass, especially if the coaching staff intends for him to play defensive end. His skills are unparalleled however, his film shows that he can not only shed blocks, but that he has the speed and pursuit skills to be a great playmaker for this team.

Speed will be a great asset for Williams as he grows in the weight room. Especially when he lines up at defensive end, a quick first step will be crucial for getting leverage on tackles and tight ends in this league. Once he gains the strength needed to play on the defensive line, Williams could be someone that gains playing time in his second or third year in this program.

Williams is definitely a prospect for this coaching staff to groom. He played wide receiver this season and didn’t line up on the defensive line much. He’ll need to learn a new position and gain strength while doing it. That being said, his speed and pursuit skills are elite coming out of high school. I think a ton of Universities had a hard time putting him at one position due his unique athletic nature which is unfortunate for Williams because after watching his film, I can see that he is a division one athlete and football player.