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Week seven Q&A with Wide Right & Natty Lite

Jared Larson is in form with insight for Red Raiders on the Iowa State Cyclones

North Dakota State v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Week seven for the Texas Tech Red Raiders sees the reviled Iowa State Cyclones coming into town for homecoming weekend. Matt Campbell and Brock Purdy are 10-0 in the month of Brocktober, but Matt Wells and Jett Duffey want to hand the Cyclones their third loss of the season and first in October. Get those flour tortillas flying, because we’ve got the boys from the land of corn and standing up for Iowa State is none other than Jared Larson of our SB Nation sister-site Wide Right & Natty Lite.

(Jeramey Gillilan) It’s certainly been a different start to the season than most predicted for Iowa State, but with only two losses on the record the future is still bright! Jared can you tell us a little bit about the emotions of the Cyclone fanbase and where their expectations lay going forward?

(Jared Larson) TWO LOSSES THAT REALLY HURT. Both of our fanbases really detest Baylor for even more reasons than normal following both of our losses to them. Emotionally I’m fine after the first loss of the season, but I’m still recovering from illness from those rain delays! Going forward, fans are looking to enjoy a delightful Brocktober once again.

(JG) Iowa State has had Tech’s number for the past three seasons, winning a combined 137-54 over the Red Raiders. With Oklahoma State and Oklahoma looming behind Tech on the schedule, how does this battle against the Red Raiders factor into Matt Campbell’s goals for the season? Are the fans amped up for this game, or is everybody looking ahead to the Oklahoma gauntlet?

(JL) Campbell’s goals are always one game at a time. The reality is anecdotally, I know Oklahoma State is coming up only because of Homecoming. However, before homecoming is you guys, and for #cyclONEnation we’re just excited to see our favorite three things. Players, Positions, Plays.

(JG) Brocktober! Corn Jesus has come around this season for the Cyclones and is completing near 70% of his passes - which is good news for Iowa State. Can you tell us what athletes makes this offense 24th in the nation alongside Brock Purdy?

(JL) Brocktober is indeed upon us, but, offensively you’ll be hearing Charlie Kolar’s name (we ARE tight end U) Pettway, from Grad Transfer Arkansas is our big body receiver but if we don’t call him up, you’ll hear Deshaunte Jones (8) quite frequently.

(JG) Likewise, Iowa State’s defense has been great all season allowing for an average of 22 points a game from their opponents. What/who is it about this defense that makes it so efficient?

(JL) Our defense has taken some hits (Vance, Eisworth and Bailey) but Zach Petersen and Mike Rose have been playing phenomenal ball. I will be on the Ray “Machine Breaker” Lima train forever, but Petersen has filled Bailey’s absence very well.

(JG) What are some matchups that you’re looking forward to this weekend? What about Texas Tech has you worried, what about Iowa State has you confident?

(JL) Your secondary is quite good! They force turnovers and mistakes from quarterbacks that rarely make them. Watching Weston Wright vs Zach Petersen could be interesting.

Give me Iowa State with the homecoming spoil, winning 35-27 over Tech.

(JG) Bonus question - Tech was robbed a victory in Waco last week and received its first frame worthy Big 12 apology letter. As an Iowa State fan I know you have bitter experience with this, how do we cope with this ridiculous new reality?

(JL) I just buy a copy of the rulebook to wave angrily while slamming Jamaican bobsleds

We want to give a huge thank you to Jared for having the time to answer our questions. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @Jar_Lar and our SB Nation sister-site @WideRtNattyLt