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Defensive grades: Red Raiders go Cardinal hunting

Against a true cupcake, the defense controlled the game.

Lamar v Texas Tech

That was fun, if nothing else. I know this was an FCS opponent, but our first shutout in a decade is something to celebrate! The real measuring stick is next week, but let’s praise the defense for an outstanding game.

Secondary: A

A high grade, but when you generate two interceptions and a house call it is hard to find many faults. The secondary smothered Lamar’s receivers, and really did a good job minimizing the dumb penalties this time around (until the backups came in).

I know we will never have such a dominating performance again from this group, but I liked the effort displayed. The guys played hard, regardless of who showed up.

Defensive Line: A

The D-line controlled the game, more or less choking out the Lamar rushing attack and generating constant pressure. Eli Howard had a big sack, and the big boys did a good job flowing right to left and stringing out the rushing attack. I personally love to see that. Big 12 teams love to attack in space, you need to move sideline to sideline quickly to prevent these dynamic backs from getting to the edge.

The downside here is the lack of sacks. Only 2 in the game against an FCS opponent is a bit concerning. One of those generated by Tony Jones. Pressure was good, and Lamar really did not throw the ball much but you would like to see 3 or 4 sacks.

Linebackers: A

Riko Jeffers stole the show in the linebacker corp, leading the team in total tackles and earning 2 for loss. The starters played hard, with Allen playing much better this week and Brooks being consistent in the middle.

This game was an easy days work for the linebackers, but it was good to see the heart of this defense waking up from last weeks slump.

Coaching: A

4 turnovers, no redzone snaps, and a shutout. This was a complete game from the defense. Gibbs managed the game very well, bringing the right balance of pressure and letting the D-line generate it organically.

He managed his depth well making sure his boys are well rested ahead of next weeks significant challenge. The backups got a lot of looks, which led to a lot of penalties.

That is probably the only knock on Gibbs, the backups struggled to maintain discipline. But they played well, and helped pitch the shutout.

Enjoy this domination Tech fans, and rest up to cheer hard in the real battle this weekend.