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Defensive player of the week: a senior makes his mark

This week, one defender was a cut above the rest.

Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Vaughtne Dorsey played what very well might have been his best game ever. Under the likes, facing a top offense we needed someone to make a play. And he made plays in spaids.

11 tackles, including an attempted murder on number 80 of Oklahoma, were just the tip of the iceberg. He got in on a sack, the only we managed to get on Murray.

But most importantly, he pulled in two interceptions. Against Oklahoma, not letting them get ahead big early is critical. And single-handedly, Dorsey built our offense a cushion. And the returns on the interceptions were magical. I was losing it watching him weave his way near the goal-line.

This was a legendary performance on a day the defense overall really struggled. Dorsey deserves a huge amount of respect, and I am glad his mom made the trek to Lubbock to see it.