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Staff predictions: Texas Tech vs. Eastern Washington

Our staff makes their individual predictions on the outcome of the season opener

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We are a mere 24 hours away from the start of Texas Tech’s football season and it’s time for us to make our picks. Disagree with ours? Leave your prediction in the comments section below.

Zach Mason

The Eastern Washington coaching staff has made it clear they intend to be a physical team this season and want to establish that against a finesse-style Texas Tech team. In the past, the Red Raiders have struggled against weaker teams who run the ball well. The Eagles also feature an electric quarterback, Gage Gubrud, who threw for 48 touchdowns last year. Kliff Kingsbury said he wants his defense to start generating more turnovers and that’s definitely something the Red Raiders will need to do to come away with a victory against an elite FCS team. Either way, I think Tech’s depth will eventually carry the team to a win, though the game may start out ugly. Red Raiders win, 45-31.

Jon Althaus

Eastern Washington is not a team to be taken lightly, and they will show it in the beginning of the game, putting some points up quickly. Tech’s defense will settle in, and the offense will get to work. As the game wears on, the difference in talent will start to show, as Tech pulls away in the 2nd half, winning 68-24.

Ryan Smith

The story of this game will be defense. Kingsbury, Gibbs and company have put all their money on defensive recruits the last 2 years, including a number of JUCO arrivals, and we'll see it pay off on Saturday. Tech will get 2 turnovers from a more physical and ball-hawking defense and hold EWU under 300 yards of total offense. Tech's offense reminds fans that it's plug and play with no hangover or haze from the Mahomes era. Shimonek throws for 425 and three touchdowns, while we get a good look at "Thunder and Lightning" of Nisby and Stockton in the backfield. Nisby plates two short yardage rushing TDs as Tech pulls away in the 2nd half, winning 56-17.

Jay Burrous

Shimonek throws for 400+ and 4 Touchdowns, Desmond Nisby averages 7 yards/carry, Derrick Willies hauls in 2 deep ball touchdowns. I speculate you’ll see Tony Jones come up with 2 sacks, and Octavious Morgan will intercept one pass. The good vibes will run rampant into the bye week and this team plays like they have something to prove. Texas Tech wins 52-21

Lauren Bogle

Texas Tech will lose to Eastern Washington on Saturday. Even though the Eagles lost coach Beau Baldwin, they still have the dynamic quarterback, Gage Gubrud. They love to surprise their opponents...looking at you, Washington State. Tech always underestimates the smaller opponents. Eastern Washington wins this one, 35-31.

Albert Nkansah

Eastern Washington isn't your typical FCS team. They beat WSU last year and will come into the Jones with the same upset mindset. Tech will get smacked in the mouth to start but will correct themselves and find a way to get the job done. Tech fans make sure to get your inhalers ready, because it won't be a stress free night. Tech wins 45-38.

Andrea Cornaglia

The Red Raiders will put up a lot of points in this matchup. Eastern Washington rebuilds so much and I believe in this new Red Raider defense, at least against this kind of opponent. 55-17 Texas Tech.