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FINAL PREDICTIONS: Who is going to draft Patrick Mahomes?

With the NFL Draft first round kicking off today, our staff made its final predictions.

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Lauren Bogle

My money is on Arizona. Arizona has the 13th selection in the first round of the draft. They too have an aging QB. Carson Palmer is 37 years old. If they don’t negotiate trades, I wouldn’t be surprised if they draft Mahomes. Bruce Arians is bold enough to take Mahomes at 13 and not look back. He is a consistent winner, but they are missing that one piece that translates from post season playoff games to Super Bowl appearances. They have a strong foundation and a decent team. Mahomes has the big arm for big plays and with a little training on touch from Carson Palmer, I believe Mahomes’ leadership can get Arizona to the big stage. Prediction - Arizona Cardinals

Zach Mason

Mahomes is not a first-round talent, but people like his arm and his confidence. This is such a week quarterback class, but scouts are saying they expect up to five quarterbacks being selected in the first 35 picks. If that’s true, Mahomes has to go in the first round, but I don’t buy in to the idea of him being worth a top-15 pick. I think there’s too much talent on defense that will still be available in that portion of the draft, so I think Mahomes will fall to the late first round. I think Houston Texans fans will be clamoring to get their hands on Mahomes with the 25th pick, but I don’t think Bill O’Brien likes Mahomes any more than he likes Tom Savage, and there’s a rumor going around that the Texans are going after Jay Cutler. And, while I don’t think the Chiefs should spend their first round pick on a mediocre quarterback prospect, the pressure of replacing the old and average Alex Smith will force them into taking Mahomes at No. 27. He’d be a great fit in Kansas City. He has the arm strength to make the tough throws in cold, windy weather and he’ll have time to sit back and learn from the most average mentor ever in Alex Smith. Prediction - Kansas City Chiefs

Albert Nkansah

Mahomes isn't going to be ready to play for AT LEAST 1-2 years, and should be a 2nd day pick, but we all know how the NFL Draft works. Teams are already salivating over his arm strength and intangibles and his stock has shot up ever since the combine. One of the first team's to give him a private workout were the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are already looking for Carson Palmer's successor and Bruce Arians praised Mahomes. It will all depend on what happens with Trubisky and Watson but I believe both of them will be off the board and Mahomes gets scooped up at 13. Prediction - Arizona Cardinals

Jay Burrous

Our favorite son, Pat Mahomes, is going West. With the 13th pick in the NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals will select our guy. Where there is smoke, there is generally fire. Allegedly, the Cardinals love his potential, can provide a soft landing in terms of coaching/talent, and he’d receive mentorship from one of the best in the business.

How I come to this logic? Cleveland likes the UNC kid - for reasons I can’t understand. The Jets will wind up taking a DL they don’t need, San Francisco wants Cousins next year, and the Bears appear to be focused on Mike Glennon. Color me shocked to see anyone trade up for Pat into the top 10, so Arizona makes too much logical sense. Prediction - Arizona Cardinals