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Pat Mahomes gets familiar with the national media

Mahomes goes on ESPN, FS1, and NFL Network

Tony Gutierrez-STF

As Patrick Mahomes continues to rise up the draft boards, more and more teams have become interested. However, scouts aren’t the only ones that have been trying to get a look at college football’s leading passer.

Last Monday, Mahomes went through the ESPN “Car Wash” where he spent the entire day going to multiple ESPN daytime programs. Starting the day going on ESPN’s lead show “SportsCenter” then continuing the morning on “Mike & Mike” & “Russillo and Kanello” before ending the day on “NFL Live.” Mahomes spent the day answering a gauntlet of questions before the “NFL Live” guys analyzed his film and then took him outside to throw the ball around.

ESPN had more in store for Pat as he also had to take a trip down to Orlando to go through Camp with Coach Gruden. In “Gruden’s QB Camp,” Mahomes’ game was analyzed from the classroom to the field. Mahomes reveals that his pregame music consists of Future, Drake and Meek Mill, while also saying the “System QB” label is his motivation. The main takeaway from this episode is Gruden describing Mahomes’ TD pass against La Tech in what he claims to be “the greatest throw I’ve ever seen.”

Coach went on to critique Mahomes as well as he called Mahomes a “reckless player” and warned him against trying to run through contact. “Quit being a hero, you can’t help us if you’re in the locker room,” Gruden said. They made their way onto the field, where they did drills to help improve Mahomes’ ball security and his comfort level under center.

After the Gruden Camp, Mahomes’ popularity has only increased with Gruden’s comments where he called Mahomes “the most interesting guy in this draft” and said he’d draft him No. 1 overall.

With all this attention, FS1 also had to get in on the action as Tuesday they put him through their own version of the “Car Wash.” Mahomes went on “Skip and Shannon Undisputed” and “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.” Mahomes handled himself well once again going through more questions and comments. Skip Bayless, being the big Cowboys fan that he is, compared him to Tony Romo who Pat agreed that he sees a little of himself in Romo.

To top this all off, Mahomes also went to the NFL Network studios and appeared on “NFL Total Access,” where he competed in fun drills against former No. 1 pick David Carr. Mahomes ended his day throwing the football 62 MPH in dress clothes, out-throwing the former Houston Texan.

Mahomes isn’t finished with his appearances during the draft circuit either as he is set to be on an episode of “ESPN Sports Science” as well. The biggest TV appearance Mahomes is anxious for is on April 27th where he hopes to get drafted in the first round to begin his NFL career.