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Potential NFL homes for Patrick Mahomes

With the NFL Draft 13 days away, let’s talk hypotheticals.

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Patrick Mahomes II has incredible arm talent, athleticism and leadership qualities that make him a great commodity for a struggling program trying to find an offensive rhythm. He extends plays and has a strong mindset that makes him a steadfast leader on the gridiron. That leads me to the New York Jets.

New York would be a great landing spot for the former Red Raider. If the Jets traded up at number 13 from Arizona, Mahomes would be selected in the first round of the draft. Yes, they have Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty but they don’t have a locked in QB.

New York has been struggling to find an identity for a long time and drafting Geno Smith was not the identity fix. The Jets took the time to work out Mahomes. Even though New York needs a cornerback, defensive end, wide receiver and guard to bolster their roster, they also need a clutch QB. They can solidify their roster in the later rounds of the draft.

If New York does not trade up for pick 13 from Arizona, the Cardinals are still a great team for Mahomes to make an impact. Arizona needs a solid backup for Carson Palmer, and it’s risky business to wait too long to find another franchise quarterback. Take the Dallas Cowboys for example. Either way, Mahomes will have an impressive career in the NFL, there is no doubt about it.