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Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

Who’s up, who’s down?

After an absolutely wild weekend of Big 12 basketball, let’s see how much dirt was kicked up in the rankings.

  1. Kansas (20-3): Last week’s ranking, 1. Yes, the 54 game win streak at The Phog was snapped, but because Baylor and West Virginia both lost as well I can’t justify moving them. They were stunned by Iowa State at home, and the Cyclones win where not many people have won, 92-89.
  2. Baylor (20-3): Last week’s ranking, 2. I was going to go crazy this week and flip the top three teams with the teams that pulled off the upset, but there is a reason why they are called upsets, because they don’t happen that often. Clearly Saturday was a strange day, but there is still a clear hierarchy of the conference. Baylor gets stunned by Kansas State, and Kansas State get a huge resume boosting win, 56-54.
  3. West Virginia (18-5): Last week’s ranking, 3. Oklahoma State was able to complete the trifecta of upsets. They stun West Virginia by the score of 82-75. Which, unlike the other two, seven points is a pretty desicive win. I mean, a win is a win, but a road upset by more than one possession is that much more impressive. The Cowboys get a huge resume building win, and are making a run that not many people expected.
  4. Iowa State (14-8): Last week’s ranking, 6. What more can you say? Iowa State took it to Kansas for 40+ minutes and beat Kansas on their home floor. There isn’t a more impressive win in the Big 12 right now. They were able to clear the “The Phog” with a thrilling 92-89 victory.
  5. Kansas State (16-7): Last week’s ranking, 5. Despite Baylor’s near miraculous comeback, Kansas State was able to outlast the Bears. Kansas State is one of the most unerrated teams in the Big 12, but they certainly made a statement on Saturday. They put the “wac” in Waco, squeaking past the Bears, 56-54.
  6. Oklahoma State (15-8): Last week’s ranking, 7. Here’s another super underated team in the Big 12. I’m not surprised that noone is talking about them, but they are about to. If they are able to finish conference play with even a decent record they will have made a tourney run that even I didn’t think was possible. With a 82-75 win at West Virginia, the Cowboys are suddenly sitting in the middle of the pack at 15-8.
  7. Texas Tech (16-7): Last week’s ranking, 4. With a much needed 77-69 home win over Oklahoma, Texas Tech is back on track. However, if they are hoping to make a late run at the Big Dance they need to learn how to win on the road. The good news is that after Saturday’s craziness, any win against the six teams listed above is going to look that much better.
  8. TCU (16-7): Last week’s ranking, 8. Nothing super speacial here. TCU just got a solid home win against a struggling Texas team. They get it done with ease, 78-63.
  9. Texas (9-14): Last week’s ranking, 10. The Longhorns long season just keeps getting longer. They were put in their place by TCU, and are only not last because of their half game lead over Oklahoma.
  10. Oklahoma (8-14): Last week’s ranking, 9. We all knew it was going to be a rebuilding year for Oklahoma. Unless the nearly impossible happens, their chances of making a run to the Big Dance is slim to none.