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Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

Who’s up, who’s down?

Well, with the first exciting week of conference play in the books, maybe we might finally see some movement.

  1. Baylor (13-0): Last week’s ranking, 1. Like a certain fish in a certain popular animated movie once said, “Just keep winning, just keep winning. What do you do? You win!” That’s just what Baylor keeps doing, they destroy a rebuilding Oklahoma team, 76-50.
  2. West Virginia (12-1): Last week’s ranking, 3. West Virginia looked scary against a decent Oklahoma State team, they pulled OSU apart by the score of 92-75. They are praying some really good ball, and I am terrified for Tech to have to play them next.
  3. Kansas (12-1): Last week’s ranking, 2. They found a way to get the win on the road against TCU, but they didn’t look particularly good doing it. At least not at the level that we are used to from Kansas. They survived against TCU, 86-80.
  4. Kansas State (12-1): Last week’s ranking, 5. Kansas State was able to escape their first conference test of the year against Texas. They handed the Longhorns another loss by the score of 65-62, but I’m still not quite sure what to make of this team.
  5. Iowa State (9-3): Last week’s ranking, 8. Iowa State showed their comeback ability in their home win against Texas Tech. They sent a message that this team can wake up quick and get back on top in a hurry. They were able to surge past Tech in the home stretch and win, 63-56.
  6. TCU (11-2): Last week’s ranking, 6. Despite losing to Kansas, they sure did put up a fight. For most of the game I was thinking to myself “Is this really about to happen?” I think TCU proved more in this game than Kansas did, TCU no longer looks like an easy win. They fall a little short of Kansas, 86-80.
  7. Texas Tech (11-2): Last week’s ranking, 4. I think Texas Tech is still going to end up being a pretty good team. They started out strong against Iowa State, and were in command for most of the game, they just couldn’t close it out. They drop their first road conference test of the season, 63-56.
  8. Oklahoma State (10-3): Last week’s ranking, 7. Oklahoma State’s loss to West Virginia looked ugly, but in reality West Virginia is just really good. I’m not going to read much into this one, because I still think Oklahoma State is a middle of the pack team. They get beat 92-75.
  9. Oklahoma (6-6): Last week’s ranking, 9. This is clearly going to be a rebuilding year for OU. They lost some key seniors and they are still trying to find their identity. They drop one to Baylor, 76-50.
  10. Texas (6-7): Last week’s ranking, 10. Texas drops a heart breaker to Kansas State. They really needed this win, but they fall just short. It was a hard fought game, but for Texas, they need to start finding ways to win. They get edged out by Kansas State by the score of 65-62.