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Big 12 Schools as Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends

T-Swift’s boyfriends as Big 12 Schools, yeah this is a real article.

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Earlier this week I did an article about Pokemon and now it’s Taylor Swift. What a time to be alive! Nothing says summertime content like pop culture. Like Pokemon, Taylor Swift’s love life has been in the news lately with the whole Calvin Harris thing and she’s already got a new dude. So what better than busting out a Big 12 comparison article? I’ll try to line up what T-Swift boyfriend best resembles a Big 12 counterpart. Let’s get started.

Brandon Borello - Kansas State

Poor, poor Brandon. He was the one who started it all and now he just has to think about what could have been. The song Tim McGraw was about him and they had to break up since he was going off to college. He should’ve stayed to be honest. Kansas State, like Borello, could’ve been great. The Wildcats just never got over that hump from good to great. They’ve had some good seasons but have had to sit back in the shadows lately watching others get the spotlight.

Joe Jonas - Oklahoma State

Joe Jonas was T-Swift’s first big name boyfriend and at the time he was quite popular himself. After the break up though, Jonas sort of sunk back out of the limelight. But now Jonas is back on the scene with a new band and has put out some top hits this year. Oklahoma State has had some really great seasons then they’ll be average for a bit and now they’re looking like one of the top 3 schools in the Big 12. Only time will tell if Oklahoma State and Jonas stay popular this go around.

Taylor Lautner - West Virginia

Well Mr. Lautner was pretty dang popular when him and Taylor dated. But then she broke up with him and he hasn’t done anything relevant since. The Mountaineers at one time used to be a top 10 program and well, they haven’t really been all that great in a while much like Lautner.

John Mayer - Texas

John Mayer used to be consistently at the top of the music charts but when’s the last time he’s been in the news? Same with Texas, they used to be on Alabama’s level just a few years back but now look. Will John Mayer come out with a new album that will instantly be platinum? Will Texas turn things around and compete in the College Football Playoffs? These two veterans of their respectable games know what it takes to get there.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Baylor

Gyllenhaal reportedly dropped $160,000 to have T-Swift flown over to him on a private jet so they could have a date. So what’s the gentlemanly thing to do when you want to break up with someone you spend that much money on? Break up with them via text of course. Really though, who does that? That’s just mean.

Connor Kennedy - Iowa State

First off, no idea who this guy is. Apparently him and Taylor broke up due to long distance being the main issue. Well, Ames is pretty far away from the other Big 12 schools so this pairing seems fitting.

Harry Styles - Kansas

Little Harry was part of One Direction but then they broke up and well, I don’t know anything he’s done since then. Kansas played in the 2008 Orange Bowl and well, what have they really done since then?

Calvin Harris - TCU

TCU has been quite the name in college football over the recent years. They’ve been pretty good and have been a top school in the Big 12. Harris, like TCU, has been a name at the top of the charts over the past few years. With Taylor out of his life, it doesn’t look like he will slow down. With the departure of Trevone Boykin, will TCU keep on trucking too?

Tom Hiddleston - Oklahoma

Ol’ Taylor, already got her a new man right after the Harris break up. Hiddleston seems to be “the one” right now. Just like Hiddleston, Oklahoma seems to be the one in the Big 12. They’re favored to win the Big 12 by pretty much every media outlet and everyone has high hopes for them. Will Hiddleston and Oklahoma both stick around or be replaced soon by someone else?

Zac Efron - Texas Tech

So it’s only rumored that Efron and T-Swift dated for a short time but I mean, it wouldn’t be surprising. Let’s be real, she’s dated some big time names in Hollywood and if she hasn’t dated Efron yet there’s still time for her to. Also, Efron is probably the best looking dude on this list and Kliff is the best looking coach in the Big 12.