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A Look Back At Texas Tech’s Best Moments Of 2016

Being a Tech fan is always an exciting adventure, let’s look back at some big moments!

NCAA Basketball: Nicholls State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As the new year quickly approaches, it gave me a chance to reflect on the best moments of Tech athletics from 2016.

Texas Tech Basketball: I will personally never forget some of the Tech basketball games that I witnessed in person this year.

Upsetting two ranked opponents in a row, one of those being the number three ranked Oklahoma Sooner’s. This happened because of moments like Keenan Evens hitting a three point shot from Elpaso on the mid-court logo, giving us a clutch lead in overtime against Iowa State at home. To others, like the always humble and lovable Toddrick Gotcher coming down with the final rebound to beat #3 ranked Oklahoma at home. I’ll never forget watching him sprinting across the court with the ball, seeming to be in total bliss as the crowd started to rush the court. That place was rocking that night, and I have a feeling there is going to be the same kind of atmosphere come this year’s conference play.

Texas Tech took a big step forward last season by making the NCAA March Madness Tournament, and even though they wren’t able to get the win over Butler, you can’t deny that they had an exciting, surprising, and terrific season!

Texas Tech Baseball: Oh boy, what a year! Tech made it back to the College World Series for the second time in three years. Tech went on to knock off the number one seed Florida Gators, before being eliminated by Coastal Carolina, who would go on to become the CWS Champion.

My roommates thought I stubbed my toe because of how loud I yelled when Neslony threw a rocket to second base in order to pick off the Gator’s base runner. That was a great win for Tech to break into the next level of success, hopefully in 2017 Tech can make more of a run at a Championship.

Speaking of Championships, Texas Tech was able to win the regular season Big 12 championship. That’s an impressive feat that can’t be overlooked.

Texas Tech Football: Even though there wasn’t a whole lot of winning in 2016, there were still some exciting moments that will hopefully keep fans coming back.

Despite the final score, even some of Tech’s losses make the list of my moments of excitement. Like Tech’s game against Oklahoma in the mighty Jones. The atmosphere was electric, even if it wasn’t for the right reason, and who will forget the ridiculous passing performance by the beloved Patrick Mahomes? I know I won’t.

How about the game at home against Texas? Again, the final score might not have been favorable, but there were certainly moments that were! Like Coleman’s 99.9 yard fumble return for a touchdown, and the nearly heroic drive lead by Pat Mahomes late in the game to try and tie it up.

One of the things I love the most about being a Tech fan is our fan base. We could be 1-11, or 11-1 and we will still show up to support our beloved Red Raiders. We might not always be as loud or as confident, but we are always there!

Excited about the year to come!

No matter what heartbreak or fortunes that the upcoming year may bring, be thankful that you are a Red Raider. As for the sporting events, come early, stay late, and be loud and proud! Never let your guns down, and wreck ‘em forever.