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Dakota Allen is Returning to Texas Tech

This JUCO linebacker is getting a second chance with the Red Raiders.

John Weast/Getty Images

Well this guy is a familiar face. This morning East Mississippi C.C. linebacker Dakota Allen announced on Twitter he is committing to Texas Tech, returning to the place where his college football career started.

Allen stood out his freshman year in 2015 on Tech's weak defense, showing he could be a star on this team for years. However, during the 2016 offseason he was dismissed from the program by Kingsbury after being in an off-the-field incident with two other Tech football players.

Allen then transferred to East Mississippi Community College, also know as "Last Chance U" from the Netflix original series. This JUCO football powerhouse has earned a reputation for turning troubled college players around and getting them back to playing football at FBS schools.

With Tech's defensive struggles being recognized by the entire country last season, Dakota Allen can definitely improve this unit. He is also very familiar with David Gibbs' system and players like Jah'Shawn Johnson and D'Vonta Hinton. I feel Allen can pick up right where he left off in 2015 and help this defense improve.

America is the land of second chances and Dakota Allen is getting his with the Red Raiders. Welcome back Dakota!