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Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

The Big 12 title race gets even clearer...

With Baylor now losing to Texas and TCU in consecutive weeks, they are out of the Big 12 title picture for all intents and purposes. That leaves the two schools from Oklahoma and West Virginia left in a dash to the finish line. Here we go!

1. Oklahoma State [7-2]: W @ Kansas State (LW: 1)

The Cowboys notched a road win against a solid Kansas State team and remain in control of their own destiny for a Big 12 title. With relatively easy games coming up against Texas Tech and TCU, Bedlam should become the de facto Big 12 championship game (again).

2. Oklahoma [7-2]: W @ Iowa State (LW: 3)

While I admire the fact that Jack Trice Stadium is a tough place to win a game as the road team, the Sooners again looked less than dominant. Their wins over Texas, TCU, Iowa State, and Texas Tech are by an average margin of just 7 points. Still, they are talented and control their own destiny for a Big 12 championship.

3. West Virginia [7-1]: W vs. Kansas (LW: 4)

The Mountaineers did what everyone does to Kansas. Now they travel to Austin for a game against a hot Texas team. It’s a must-win to keep their championship hopes alive.

4. Texas [5-4]: W @ Texas Tech (LW: 5)

The Longhorns are playing pretty well right now. Similar to Texas Tech, I’m sure they know their record could be considerably better than it is if they had made a few more plays in close games.

5. TCU [5-4]: W @ Baylor (LW: 8)

With as much parity as this league seems to have, any 40-point win over a team not named “Kansas” is impressive, especially on the road.

6. Baylor [6-2]: L vs. TCU (LW: 2)

After consecutive losses to middle of the road Big 12 teams, the meltdown of Baylor could be beginning. Many didn’t think they would have the depth or locker room control to last the entire season, and if the 40-point loss at home in a rivalry game against TCU is any indication, they could be right.

7. Kansas State [5-4]: L vs. Oklahoma State (LW: 6)

The Wildcats put up a pretty good fight like they always do. Unfortunately, they just lack the talent to bust into the top half of the conference, even though they’re pretty solid.

8. Texas Tech [4-5]: L vs. Texas (LW: 7)

With three remaining games, two on the road and one at a neutral site, the Red Raiders face an uphill battle to earn a spot in a bowl game. The offense now seems to sputter when the defense gives them an opportunity to win games, resulting in many losses that felt like they could have been wins.

9. Iowa State [1-8]: L vs. Oklahoma (LW: 9)

Their next two games are against Kansas and Texas Tech, so the Cyclones could see their apparent improvement materialize in the win column very soon.

10. Kansas [1-8]: L @ West Virginia (LW: 10)