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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: Texas Tech vs. Texas

It’s gameday! Come hang out with us...

Just an hour before kickoff of a huge game for Texas Tech. Not only is it senior day against in-state rival Texas, but Texas Tech’s chances of reaching a bowl game could be on the line today.

The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 and available on the radio on Double T 97.3.

If you missed it earlier this week, our predictions as a staff at VTM can be found HERE.

To get the perspective of Texas Longhorns fans, we did a Q&A with Burnt Orange Nation, our SB Nation sister site which you can read HERE.

We had a few former Red Raider football players give us their insights on the game as well as some general thoughts on the state of the Texas Tech program. Listen to the latest Air Raid Podcast HERE.

Comment below with your predictions, in-game analysis, and thoughts. We just ask that you keep it civil, which y’all normally do a great job with.