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The Air Raid Alumni Podcast #2

Swindall, Duncan and Leong join The Air Raid


It's been one of the greatest things I've gotten to do as a part of VTM to get to know some of the players that make Tech football great to us. From the mainstays of Mickey Peters and Tramain Swindall, to expanding those voices to the likes of Steven Sheffield, Ryan Aycock, Brian Duncan and Lyle Leong. And even though we get over an hour with them each time, the amount of information, experience and stories can never be fully relayed in that amount of time. Special thanks to these former players giving us some of their time to talk Tech football with us and give us their perspective on the current state of Texas Tech football, what they see and what they think can happen in the future.

In this Alumni Podcast, we talk about the Leach firing, the Tuberville years and what they think of Kingsbury so far into his era. We also talk about the Tech defense and how it compares to previous versions and a brief mention of streaking through the athletic facitlity, but probably best for off the record haha.

Hopefully we can convince these guys to come do many more podcasts with us.

Special thanks to Tramain Swindall this week for setting up the guests!