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Donald Trump’s Bizarre Texas Tech Connection

The President-elect is a yuge Texas Tech fan

News: U.S. Presidential Election Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States of America on Tuesday.

Before his political career, Trump became good friends with former Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach. In a 2007 upset against Oklahoma, Trump was welcomed as a guest in ESPN’s broadcasting booth and introduced the Texas Tech starting lineup.

The following year when College Gameday was in Baton Rouge, ESPN aired a video about Lubbock, and Trump was afforded the opportunity to send a message to Mike Leach and Texas Tech (4:00 mark in the video below)

ESPN’s “The Magazine” asked Leach about Trump at the 1:56 mark below, and Leach says the billionaire brought the Red Raiders good luck.

At a campaign rally in Washington this past May, Trump offered some insight as to how the two got to know each other and become friends.

Later during that rally, Leach officially endorsed Trump.

But Mike Leach isn’t the only former Texas Tech head coach to endorse “The Donald”. Ahead of the Indiana primary that essentially clinched the Republican nomination for Trump, former head basketball coach Bobby Knight voiced his support for Trump in the Hoosier state he built his Hall of Fame career in.

With both Leach and Knight removed from their coaching career at Texas Tech (though Knight still keeps a house in Lubbock), I doubt we will see President-elect Trump on campus any time soon.

Love him or hate him, Trump’s relationship with Leach and Knight is unique and interesting. Please don’t start a firestorm of political banter in the comments section.