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Red Raiders in the Pros - Week 7

Kerry Hyder recovers a fumble, and we may see more Jakeem in the future

Kerry Hyder - DE (Detroit Lions)

With the Lions up 10-3 on the Redskins late in the 3rd quarter, Washington had a 3rd and 1 in Detroit territory. As Cousins went to hand the ball off, he tripped over one of his own linemen and the ball came out. Hyder was there to fall on the ball and the Lions drove down to kick a field goal and go up by 10 at the time. After the game, Kerry talked about the play. He continues to be a powerful force for the Lions up front.

Michael Crabtree - WR (Oakland Raiders)

Crabtree again led the Raiders in receiving this week with 8 catches on 11 targets for 96 yards and a score. On 3rd and 5 from their own 42, this happened....

3 plays later, Crabtree hauled in a 2 yard pass for his touchdown, and the NFL decided this warranted a penalty. You do you, NFL.

Jakeem Grant - KR/PR/WR (Miami Dolphins)

Jakeem continues to only play a part as a returner with 3 kick returns for 59 yards and 3 punt returns for 11 yards. However, there was some news today that broke about what the Dolphins have planned for him the rest of this year.

Grant was involved in a single play on offense, running a fake jet sweep, and the Bills defenders bit rather hard, showing respect for the speedy rookie. This could be a play we see the Dolphins run in the coming weeks.