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Houses of the Enemy - Baylor Ballpark

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In this week's edition of the Stadium Series, Jonathan looks at the Ballpark on the Brazos

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Tech opens Big 12 conference play of the 2016 season in Waco, at Baylor Ballpark, the home of the Baylor Bears baseball team since 1999. The park has been named one of top ballparks in the nation by fellow coaches, and boasts an architectural style similar to other buildings on campus with red brick and large green-colored steel beams.

Baylor's first stadium was Carroll Field, which also doubled as a field for the football team in the early days of the college. The current student union building is now near the site of former Carroll Field. From 1960 through 1976, the team played at Dutton Street Park, a city park in Waco. Starting in 1977 through the 1998 season, Ferrell Field was the home park. After the 1998 season, construction on Baylor Ballpark began around Ferrell Field. Due to construction delays, the team played their first 4 games of the 1999 season at a local community college. The rest of that season the team played at the park while construction was ongoing. Construction was not completed until the beginning of the 2000 season.

Baylor's 1999 season was very successful as the unfinished park hosted a Regional and Super Regional. In the final game of the Regional, Baylor scored 22 runs to knock out Minnesota. Facing Oklahoma State in the Super, a total of 61 runs were scored in the 3 games as Oklahoma State advanced to Omaha. The following year, the park hosted another Regional. In 2014 against the Red Raiders in Waco, Baylor only scored 4 runs, but took the series winning the first 2 games 1-0 and 2-1 before the Tech bats came alive in a 7-1 win in the series finale.