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Elite 8 Saturday: Schedule, How To Watch & Predictions

The Sweet 16 is done and the Elite 8 is here. Check out the schedule of play, how to watch the games and who the I think wins.

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Well the Sweet 16 did have quite as many exciting moments as the first 3 rounds, but nevertheless we are onto the Elite 8. We have whittled the field down to the cream of the crop. I am excited to see how the tournament shakes out from here. Check out today's Elite 8 game schedule and how to watch it all the action. Just for fun, I also threw in my predictions again.

Today's Schedule of Play & Channel Info (all times are CST):

5:09pm: Wisconsin vs. Arizona on TBS
7:49pm: Kentucky vs. Notre Dame on TBS

Other ways to watch*:

You can watch the games on your mobile device

Amazon App Store

Google Play

Apple App Store

Windows Store

You can also live stream HERE.

*Mobile and Streaming options require you to sign in with your television provider login.

My predictions for today's games:

Wisconsin vs. Arizona: I like this matchup a lot. This is the most intriguing Elite 8 matchup to me. It is two evenly matched teams. If you look at their 4 common opponents, Arizona would definitely be the favorite. If you look at stats, it is hard to find something to point to that says "this is the difference maker." They are both Top 15 defenses with strong offenses. They are both Top 10 scoring margin teams that rebound and have good turnover margin stats. If I am Wisconsin I pack the lane and make Arizona shoot the three. They seem reluctant to do so. If I am Arizona, I try to push the tempo. Wisconsin only plays 7 to 8 players with their starters getting most of the minutes. I try to wear them out. I thought I would lean to Wisconsin winning, but I feel like being in LA the crowd will be pro-Wildcat and that may be the difference. I say Wildcats by 4 in a thriller.

Kentucky vs. Notre Dame: Hopefully Notre Dame took notes from West Virginia's trash talk and does not do the same. That was a mauling that Kentucky put on the Mountaineers. If Kentucky plays like that, no one will beat them. I am not sure they can sustain that for 3 more games but they have enough to beat Notre Dame. The Irish are not good enough defensively to cause Kentucky trouble. I also feel like Kentucky's size will cause them problems. I say Wildcats by 14.