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Texas Tech Agrees To A Home/Home Series With Arizona

The Red Raider football team be traveling to Tucson in 2019 to play the Wildcats. The following year, the Wildcats will visit Lubbock.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

There has been a rumor of a home/home series with a Pac 12 team whirling around the Red Raider fandom for some time now. Well it looks like it finally came to fruition, as ESPN is reporting that it will be taking placing with the Arizona Wildcats starting in 2019.

This looks like a nice matchup for Tech to schedule. Arizona seems to be in a similar place as Tech, a Power 5 school currently struggling to pile up wins. They could be on the upswing though. Last year was their best year in quite awhile losing only 3 games during the season before losing to Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

To forecast into the future and know where these teams will be five football seasons from now is absurd, but this does give Tech a good out of conference matchup regardless of where Arizona stands because they are a Power 5 school. Beyond the teams, who knows where the state of college football will be in 2019 and how out-of-conference match ups affect your bowl game. Right now, I don't see a huge benefit to playing a tough out-of-conference schedule for a team like Tech. I like the idea of piling up as many guaranteed wins in out-of-conference as possible. I know some disagree with that logic, but unless you are a national title contender your out-of-conference schedule rarely impacts where you go bowling.