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Mi nombre es Gilberto

Gilbert had to make a change so he ran away and fell in love. Gilbert is happy now and he wants you to be happy too. He's just not 100% sure where he is.

Es such a lovely place
Es such a lovely place
Thomas Granbacka

(Click el play while reading for muy good experience)

Yo couldn't take el preocupado any mas, so yo autostop to across el border to either Mexico or California yo am not 100% sure. Mi Spanol es a little pequeno, but yo keeps practicing.

It's muy bueno now and yo wants tu to know that es gonna be ok. Everything es gonna be alright. Don't preocupado about the osos. Osos can't even ride a bicycleta so don't preocupado.

Yo am loving it en Mexico or California. Yo run a little pequeno fruit cup stand y sell t-shirts on the beach. Its muy awesome and yo am making muy cash. Yo spend mi dias working en my little pequeno stand y yo spend my noches en da clubs. Yo have made many friends y yo even met a girl that es muy bueno. We walk on the beaches and she draws things en el sand with el sticks y we look longingly into el sol set. She holds my mano y we have so much feliz.

Yo don't think yo will ever go back to San Antonio even though yo misses mi football fantasia team. Yo left el team in capable manos with Keith y he es still in uno place. Muy bueno Keith! Ef Gilbert wins el championship, yo might come back to get mi cash, y drink all the cervezas but yo really really amors Mexico or California y mi girlfriend Tatyana.

Sometime we rent a rickshaw y then we trick the driver y make him get en el rickshaw y we push him around town! Es muy bueno! We laugh and laugh. Then when el driver gets out of el rickshaw we correr as fast as we can and push el rickshaw off the side of el cliff into el ocean. Yo guess tu could say Tatyana has brought el wild side out of Gilbert y yo amors it. We correr as fast as we can away from the pissed off driver y then we go y get some more tequila y take muy shots as el sol goes abajo.

The ocean wind whips mi cabeza y everthing feels bueno en el mundo. Yo haven't cried for weeks but have woken up naked on el beach or in el hotel lobbies or en el Denny's muy times. Es el time of mi vida, y let me tell tu, mi vida es muy loca.

Anyway, yo wanted to come back to Viva El Matadors uno ultimo time y tell tu all es ok. Es really, really ok. Tu need to find tu el hotel de California y tu will be ok. Es no need to preocupado ever again.

Forget about el osos. Forget about el Longhorns. Forget about el Kliff going vamanos. Kliff es a Rojo Raider y he is staying. Forget about losing Jace Amaro. Jace Amaro will make mucho mucho mucho cash y be feliz for him. Jace es a Rojo Raider. Forget about losing the games y forget about arguing about Mayfield o Webb o Brewer. Es a muy muy very bueno life. Find tu Tatyana y your beach y your hotel California en Mexico.

Es such a lovely place.

Yo have to vamanos now. Vaya con dios Viva the Matadors. Vaya con dios Amigos.

Yo am gonna go get naked and borracho now.