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Possible Red Raiders: A weekly recruiting update - 11/12/13 (Haha that's funny)

Multiple JUCO's visited, Basketball recruit soon to pick school, and who could come to the Baylor game. Plus a look at 2014 JUCO DB Darius White and 2014 WR/ATH Keyon Dilosa

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

This story isn't going to be very long, considering the fact that no Texas Tech recruit committed anywhere over the weekend and there hasn't been a lot of info out about who visited/enjoyed Tech. The 2014 football class to heading into the final stretch, aiming for big names (Terrell Clinkscales, Vincent Jackson, Fahn Cooper), and the 2014 Basketball class has seemed to calm down, with Tech already having 3 commits and only having a few recruits left on the board. So with that, let's talk about two recruits that visited Lubbock this weekend, JUCO DB Darius White and WR Keyon Dilosa.

Darius White - Cornerback (Itwamba CC, Grenada, MS)

Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 lbs

Ratings: NR by 247 (NR in HS) / NR by ESPN / 5.5 by Rivals

Interest: Texas Tech (Warm), K-State (Warm), Marshall (Warm), Southern Miss (Cool)

Darius is the most recent JUCO recruit to visited Texas Tech. He hasn't really been active on my radar, but recently he has seemed to resurface again with a report he was visiting this weekend. He visited Marshall on the weekend of 10/4 and will visit K-State in 2 weeks when they play Oklahoma. Darius is also the most recent big DB to visit Tech, as this coaching staff has had a lot of big DBs (Commit Connor Wilson and Jamarcus Howard, Josh Keys). The game of football has been changing to bigger DBs now, and this is evident of that. I looked at Darius White's film, and here is what stood out to me. White has both the ability to mirror and play zone coverage on defenders, but more likely he would be playing man at Tech. Some other attributes I noticed were his ball hawking abilities and his solid tackling. I don't think he's the greatest tackler, but he gets the job done. The one downside is that it looks like he got beat of a play or two. I'm not quite sure why Tech is looking at another DB, with 6 already committed to this class, with only 3 DL and 1 LB committed. We'll see how this works out.

Keyon Dilosa - Athlete/Wide Receiver (Round Rock HS, Round Rock, TX)

Height: 6'3" Weight: 194 40 Time: 4.56

Bench: 250 lbs Squat: 365 lbs Vertical: 39"

Ratings: 82 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.3 by Rivals

Interest: Texas Tech (Warm), Houston (Warm), Arkansas State (Warm), Montana State (Cool)

I've been waiting since June to write about him. He's been listed as a Texas Tech top target since I've started this, and the only information I've received about him had been Tech offering him a scholarship and Houston doing the same. Finally I was able to find some public film on him (his hudl was private, and recently he uploaded it to YouTube) and found out that he did visit Texas Tech this past weekend. Anyway, Tech is losing 3 Wide Receivers this year to eligibility, and maybe the "Wide Receiver" Amaro leaves too. We have 4 Wide Receivers committed to the class right now, although it seems we have more than that. Anyway, it seems to be a big possibility that Dilosa could make it 5. He seems to resemble Bradly Marquez in his film a lot, a Receiver that makes his way on Fly, Hitch and Screen routes. His route running looks like it could improve, along with his moves running the football, but the kid is fast, powerful and has strong hands, similar to Marquez.

Here are some other updates:

Football 2014:

  • Randy Anyanwu, a NR DE from Georgia, was supposed to visit during the OKST game, but backed out. He is still interested in Tech however, as he shared his hudl video with Tech 247 insider Landon Wright. Looks like his choice is down to Marshall or Texas Tech.
  • Sebastian Tretola, 86 rated JUCO OL from Iowa, visited Tech this past weekend and apparently enjoyed his visit here. Him and Fahn Cooper are the two JUCO OL that will most likely fill out the offense.
  • Zaycoven Henderson, 88 rated DT from Longview, has officially named Tech in his top 3, along with Baylor and Texas. I had speculation of this last week, but now that is official. Recently Ivan Thomas decommitted form Tech, but with the interest of Henderson and favoritism of Clinkscales, it seems as if the Thomas decommit doesn't look as bad as it once did.
  • Corey Avery, 85 rated ATH from Dallas, was supposed to visit Tech during the fall, but hasn't done so. My guess is that he will be down for the Baylor-Tech game, since both are his finalist and he is from Carter HS in Dallas (which is where Michael Crabtree went to school).
  • As all of y'all know, this weekend Tech plays a huge game against Baylor in Cowboys Stadium (I mean AT&T Stadium), and this could be a good time for a lot of recruits from the area to visit. Some names that live in the area that could come to the game from 2014 are Corey Avery, Zaycoven Henderson, KD Cannon, Junior Onyenah, and much more. Those would most likely be the main targets however.

Basketball 2014:

  • Satchel Pierce, 87 rated C from Penn, looks to be making his descion soon. He has visited Marquette, Miami and Pittsburgh, and according to, he has an official set up with Tech, but I haven't heard about it. Unlikely we'll get him, but who knows.

Football 2015+:

  • Malik Lovette, 90 rated RB from Cali, receieved his first offer from Texas Tech this week, followed by CAL and Boise State. Kliff has yet to hit the West Coast on the recruiting path, which is always full of talent.
  • Breiden Fehoko, 97 rated DT from Hawaii, has a great relationship with a few coaching staffs, and Texas Tech is one of them. Lot of big names are after Fehoko, including USC who has yet to offer
  • Many 2015 recruits could also visit this weekend. Some from the area are Jarrett Stidham, Soso Jambo, Jake Lockhart, Kyler Murray and Chris Warren. Not saying any of these will, but being in the DFW area, this is a possibility.
Also I will be trying to make some sort of archive for all the players I've analysed since I began back in May (or June, I don't remember). Some guys I haven't done because I did them back when I was still writing FanPosts. I'll collect all of those and compile a list to put up once the regular season is over and VTM slows down a little bit.