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Zeno Makes Vitale's 3rd Team All Rolls-Royce

ESPN's Dick Vitale released his All-Rolls Royce Team which is essentially a very early preseason all-American team. Of course there's a reason why I'm even mentioning this and it's because our very own Martin Zeno made Vitale's 3rd team:

F: G: Martin Zeno, Texas Tech: With Jarrius Jackson gone, Zeno needs to be a consistent factor for Bob Knight for the Red Raiders to be a force this season.

Zeno may be my favorite Red Raider of all-time to watch. He's a spectacular athlete and has become a pretty good basketball player. I couldn't be happier that Zeno is getting some national publicity, granted, there's some strange picks with Vitale's list, but ignore those thoughts.

Perhaps Vitale's biggest omission: D.J. Augustin. I can't imagine what Vitale's excuse would be here for this glaring omission.

BearMeats should celebrate as sharpshooter and Baylor Bear, Aaron Bruce made the 4th team. If I criticize this pick then someone might criticize me for being inconsistent (i.e. I love the Zeno pick so I must love this pick too). I'll just keep my mouth shut.