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Big 12 Bloggers' Preseason Predictions: DTN's Ballot

  1. Predict the order of finish in each division.
  2. Big XII North
    1. Nebraska
    2. Missouri
    3. Kansas State
    4. Colorado
    5. Kansas
    6. Iowa State

    I just don't think that Missouri is ready to make the jump to a championship team. They're close, but I just couldn't justify giving them the top spot.

    1. Oklahoma
    2. Texas
    3. Texas A&M
    4. Texas Tech
    5. Oklahoma State
    6. Baylor

    I think that spots 2 through 5 are up for grabs. I refuse to believe, possibly foolishly, that OSU is better than Tech.

  3. All-conference team, by UNIT. List your top two schools only.

  4. Quarterback: Texas, Texas Tech You can chalk this one up to not being able to separate being a fan and being unbiased blogger. As units, I do think that Texas Tech and Texas have the best quarterbacks.
    Running Back: Texas A&M, Oklahoma State Goodson and Lane form a formidable duo and OSU was 7th in the nation last year in rushing offense.
    Wide Receivers: Texas, Missouri Sweed and Cosby are very talented. Missouri has 2 talented tight ends, Coffman and Rucker, to go along with Franklin.
    Offensive Line: Texas A&M, Oklahoma A&M's Wallace and Elder anchor their line while OU has Cooper, Braxton and Robinson leading the way.
    Defensive Line: Texas, Texas A&M Lokey and Okam for UT while Harrington and Bryan team up for A&M.
    Linebackers: Nebraska, Iowa State Rudd and McKeon lead the way for the Huskers. I love Bowen and Banks is pretty good too.
    Secondary: Oklahoma, Texas Tech OU has the preseason defensive player of the year in Smith. I think Tech is deeper than most teams give them credit. There's a ton of talented football players in the secondary.

    Offensive Player of the Year: Colt McCoy I'd like to tell you that he won't win it and I had a hard time not voting for Harrell because I think he'll improve significantly from last year to this year.
    Defensive Player of the Year: Aqib Talib As I stated above, 8 interceptions. He's a lock-down corner.
    Best Offense (Team), Big 12: Texas Tech, Missouri I don't care what anyone else says, Texas Tech has one of the most prolific offenses in the country and Harrell threw 38 touchdowns as a sophomore. Daniels is a versatile player who is on his way to being a great player.
    Best Defense (Team), Big 12: Oklahoma, Texas A&M OU returns 7 on a pretty damn good defense. A&M has the opportunity to be a great defense, especially with an offense that will eat up so much of the clock.

  5. Most exciting/interesting/compelling conference game of the season (I could not vote for a game involving Texas Tech)
  6. Texas v. Oklahoma - this game should determine the Big 12 South.

  7. Most exciting/interesting/compelling non-conference game of the season (I could not vote for a game involving Texas Tech).
  8. USC @ Nebraska