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Leach Is Not a Fan of Early Signing Period

LAJ's Don Williams somehow manages to get Leach to open up about an early signing period for collegiate football programs. Leach is careful not to offend:

"Anybody that votes for it, unless you're one of about 12 schools with the most resources in the country, is out of their mind," Leach said.

Leach's biggest problem with an early recruiting period is twofold and once again treading lightly:

"I think there's two reasons not to do that," Leach said. "Reason number one, just in fairness to the kids - how big a decision it is - give them until February. That's not unreasonably long.

"Then there's the other thing: High school football players, college staffs ... When's the only time you get to spend with family? July. (If) you have an early signing day, what are you going to be doing then? Recruiting.

"It would be difficult to see your family at all. You'd be running around recruiting the entire month of July."

Family? Who needs a family when you have the open road and bettering our beloved football team?

As I try to relate with Coach Leach, I realize that I certainly wouldn't want my job to be a 24-7 proposition either. There wouldn't be much point to having a certain job if that's all you did, unless of course my job would be blogging about Tech, in which case I'd blog until my fingers fall off.

Leach does have a good point here and for those schools who aren't elite where it is more difficult to get kids to come to your school, take a visit and see what a university has to offer, why would the majority of schools make it easier for those 20 or so programs who don't need any additional help?