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Texas Tech - Oklahoma Drive Chart: The Defense

  1. 13:25 1Q 00:00 OKLA 37, 1 Plays 63 Yards - Interception Return Touch

    This drive isn't much of a drive as Lendy Holmes returns a Graham Harrell interception for a touchdown.

  2. 12:34 1Q 00:08 OKLA 44, 1 Plays 2 Yards - Fumble

    Once again, not much of a drive as Allen Patrick fumbles the ball on the OU 44. This play was perhaps the biggest play of the game as Bradford was injured on this play and his injury changed the course of the game. I really thought they should have taken Bradford to the hospital, he just didn't look "right" as the camera panned to him during the game.

  3. 12:07 1Q 01:50 OKLA 11, 5 Plays 14 Yards - Punt

    Bradford stays in the game and this is his last series. OU gets a 1st down the first two plays of the drive, but OU running back Chris Brown gets stopped for no gain and Bradford completes a short pass for only 3 yards. OU cannot complete the 3rd down and is forced to punt. I'm freaking out because OU has scored.

  4. 06:42 1Q 01:17 OKLA 49, 3 Plays -16 Yards - Punt

    Halzle is now in the game and this drive fizzles as a result of a bad decision and an inexperienced QB. Murray gets 9 yards on the 1st play, but OU offensive lineman Robinson commits a silly penalty on Rajon Henley, blocking Henley 5 yards out of bounds. Halzle throws deep to Kelly, but Wall is with him all the way. Rajon Henley gets a little revenge with a sack on Halzle and OU is forced to punt. By the way, this is a horrible punt, only going for 28 yards. Television showed that it took a hard right off of his right foot. This is now 2 straight defensive stops. I keep thinking the end is near.

  5. 05:10 1Q 03:02 TTU 47, 5 Plays 23 Yards - Punt

    OU looks good running the ball, getting chunks of yards and after 4 plays they are forced with a 3rd and 1 to go. Halzle's knee goes down and the play is called dead. OU punts again.

  6. 12:18 2Q 00:43 OKLA 23, 3 Plays -5 Yards - Punt

    Three pass plays and three incompletions. Halzle looks bad on all three of his passes and this drive takes all of 0:43 seconds off of the clock.

  7. 09:18 2Q 02:41 OKLA 26, 5 Plays 16 Yards - Punt

    OU gets a first down fiarly quickly, but two runs and a screen pass lead to another punt. Chris Brown is stopped by Garcia and Henley and then by Brian Duncan, leaving OU with a 3rd and 3 to go situation. Halzle completes a screen pass to Iglesias. Once again, Rajon Henley with the stop.

  8. 04:12 2Q 03:53 OKLA 39, 12 Plays 58 Yards - Field Goal Good

    This is OU's last play of the 1st half and their first sustained drive. The OU coaching staff stops throwing the ball and Murray gets 6 carries for 40 yards on this drive alone. Halzle also starts working on getting the ball over the middle a couple of times. The end of this drive is perhaps the defining moment for this Red Raider defense and this game as Texas Tech had an actual goal-line stand. Murray rushes the ball all the way to the Texas Tech 1 yard line and the very next play is hit for a loss by Victor Hunter. Had this play not happened and there's no loss then I think OU runs the ball on 3rd down rather than throwing the ball. Now that OU is faced with 3rd and goal from the 3 yard line, Halzle throws an incompletion to Iglesias with Parker defending. Huge plays and a huge stop. OU is held to a field goal and their first offensive score of the game.

  9. 15:00 3Q 00:28 OKLA 33, 4 Plays 1 Yards - Turnover on Downs

    Another huge set of downs. OU, who is only down by 17, has the ball to start the 2nd half. Halzle completes a short pass to Kelly, then to Manuel Johnson for only a 3 yard gain and Johnson has to step towards Halzle to get the pass, leaving him a yard short. I think OU is going for it here, but is lined up to punt, however, when the ball is snapped the up-man misses the ball, the ball is fumbled around and is turned over on downs to Texas Tech.

  10. 12:25 3Q 05:21 OKLA 40, 10 Plays 44 Yards - Field Goal Good

    Another drive where OU runs more than they pass. OU gets off to a quick start as Murray and Halzle go from their own 40 to Texas Tech's 23. Texas Tech takes a time out and Chris Brown gets the nod for two plays and gets another 1st down to the Texas Tech 13. Joe Garcia comes up huges with a takle for a loss on Murray, then Murray gains 5 yards in the subsequent play. Halzle is sacked by Daniel Howard for a loss of 7. Huge play for Howard and after this play, I start to notice that Howard plays almost the entire 2nd half. OU only gets a field goal and Texas Tech has held OU to 6 points when they were within Texas Tech's 20 yard line twice. Amazing.

  11. 03:20 3Q 00:53 OKLA 34, 3 Plays -10 Yards - Punt

    This drive, OU is plagued by a holding penalty which puts OU and Halzle in a hole early. Two incomplete passes, with a quarterback hurry from Ratliff lead to another OU punt.

  12. 01:34 3Q 01:00 OKLA 12, 2 Plays -3 Yards - Interception

    This drive seemingly starts off well for OU as Murray rushes for 6 yards and Finley catches a pass for a 1st down. Turns out Finely pushes off and is now staring at a passing situation at 2nd and 13. The next pass, Halzle throws an interception to Chris Parker and Parker is having an amazing game. The very next play Harrell throws an interception and OU gets the ball back.

  13. 00:27 3Q 01:24 OKLA 6, 6 Plays 24 Yards - Punt

    Another OU drive where they start well, but they just can't get going. The killer was a screen pass to Murray and Daniel Charbonnet stops him for a 3 yard loss. OU is forced to punt the ball as they face 4th and 9 to go.

  14. 09:32 4Q 01:42 OKLA 8, 7 Plays 91 Yards - Passing Touchdown

    OU gets their first offensive touchdown with 9:32 left in the 4th quarter. That's pretty good. Short passes and penalties leave OU with a 4th down and 1 to go in the middle of the drive. Halzle completes a pass to Gresham for 20 yards as OU realizes that they've got to start going for some of these 4th downs to be in the game. Texas Tech calls a timeout, OU runs the ball and the next play is a 65 yard touchdown pass to Johnson. OU is only down by 2 touchdowns and I'm nervous as hell.

  15. 06:30 4Q 01:20 OKLA 45, 7 Plays 48 Yards - Turnover on Downs

    Halzle completes a long pass to Finley for 36 yards getting the ball to the Texas Tech 12. Halzle throws an incompletion and Murray loses 2 on a run. Then Halzle misses on two passes and the ball is turned over on downs. This incompletion to Johnson on 4th down is the one that everyone is talking about where Wall eventually comes down with the ball despite it appearing that Johnson has the ball as he comes down with the ball. I think this is the right call (i.e. no touchdown). I'm still looking for the official rule and it may have to wait until later tonight.

  16. 03:58 4Q 00:48 TTU 36, 5 Plays 22 Yards - Turnover on Downs

    OU starts off well as Halzle completes a 19 yard pass to Johnson, along with another short 3 yard completion to Iglesias, but then misses on 3 straight passes. OU turns the ball over on downs.

  17. 00:51 4Q 00:20 OKLA 44, 3 Plays 56 Yards - Passing Touchdown

    Holy crap. Halzle completes a 47 yard pass to Iglesias and then a 9 yard touchdown to Johnson. OU is within 7 points and I'm about to go fetal if OU recovers the onside kick. McBath saves the day. End of game.