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Texas Tech - Oklahoma Drive Chart: The Offense

  1. 15:00 1Q 01:35 TTU 20, 5 Plays 29 Yards - Interception

    This was a disturbing start to the game. Harrell looked good as he completed 4 straight passes and had moved 22 yards down the field. Harrell's pass was behind the intended receiver and it appeared to me that Harrell and whoever the receiver was weren't on the same page. Lendy Holmes returned the interception, essentially untouched for a touchdown. The announcers, mainly Paul McGwire, who made me laugh out loud a number of times last night, said that Harrell and Leach thought nothing of the turnover. No big deal.

  2. 13:25 1Q 00:51 TTU 20, 3 Plays 0 Yards - Punt

    Harrell follows up an interception with a 3 and out and I'm getting really nervous. A rushing play to Kobey Lewis that goes no where with an incomplete pass to Crabtree and an incomplete to Grant Walker. LaCour punts.

  3. 12:26 1Q 00:19 TTU 34, 4 Plays 12 Yards - Field Goal Good

    This is where things start to get interesting. OU's Allen Patrick fumbles the ball and linebacker Marlon Williams recovers the ball. Three more incomplete passes from Harrell with the ball on the 34. I get the feeling that if the down and distance was anything other than 4th and 10 from the OU 34, then Leach would have gone for it, especially with the recent shaky play of Alex Trlica. Because of the 10 yards to go, Leach runs out Trlica who is good for 51 yards. Texas Tech gets on the board and I'm starting to feel a little better.

  4. 10:17 1Q 03:35 TTU 24, 12 Plays 55 Yards - Field Goal Good

    A more sustained drive as Texas Tech starts at their own 24 and drives to the OU 21. Leach starts the drive with a run for Aaron Crawford who gets 5 yards, his 1st rushing attempt for the day. Harrell is 4-8 on this drive, which includes a 17 yard pass to Amendola. The key to this drive was Harrell's scramble for 11 yards on 4th down. Remember what I said above, if the distance had been less than 10 yards then Leach would have gone for it. On this drive, it's only 2 yards to go and Harrell, who I thought scrambled more this game than in recent memory, gets 11 for more than enough for the 1st down. Harrell throws 2 more incompletions after that and only 1 completion to Amendola for 4 yards. Coach Leach decides that he would be best served getting Texas Tech to within 1 by trotting Trlica out there for his second field goal of the day.

  5. 05:25 1Q 00:15 TTU 39, 2 Plays 61 Yards - Rushing Touchdown

    A whole 15 seconds to get a touchdown. This is why Michael Crabtree is so great. Harrell gets the ball to Crabtree (I believe in a crossing pattern) and let's Crabtree do the rest. He makes defenders miss, breaks tackles and shows everyone why he has BMF on his wallet. Crabtree scores what appears to be a touchdown, but the replay booth overturns this touchdown (someone will need to explain that to me) and Harrell sneaks in from the 1 for the score. Make no mistake, this play was all Crabtree. Amazing. Texas Tech goes from being down a point to being up by 6 in 15 seconds. I'm still shaking my head.

  6. 02:08 1Q 04:50 TTU 34, 10 Plays 66 Yards - Passing Touchdown

    After a 25 yard punt return by Eric Morris, Harrell takes over and completes his first 7 passes of this drive. Aaron Crawford catches 3 of those passes. In fact, after Texas Tech is penalized for a false start, sitting at 3rd and 7, Aaron Crawford catches a pass for 12 yards and a 1st down. But it is the touchdown in the corner of the endzone that sticks in everyone's head. Crabtree starts for the post, breaks and is headed for the corner of the endzone, all the while the OU defenders let him go. A beautiful pass from Harrell and a great catch by Crabtree. Texas Tech has now stretched their lead to 13.

  7. 11:35 2Q 02:17 TTU 36, 10 Plays 64 Yards - Passing Touchdown

    Harrell completes 6-9 passes and this drive is actually started with a number of nice completions to Crabtree for 6 and Walker for 9 as well as a nice Crawford run for 10 yards. However, after 2 incompletions the Red Raiders were staring at 4th and 1 at the OU 39. I think Leach thinks to himself that this is not a time to be timid. Harrell completes a dart of a pass to Crabtree who's closest defender was 7 yards away. Harrell completes a 20 7ard pass to Crabtree and then Eric Morris gets his touchdown, good for 15 yards.

  8. 06:37 2Q 02:25 TTU 16, 8 Plays 44 Yards - Fumble

    Texas Tech appeared that they were poised to score another touchdown and put the proverbial nail in the coffin as Harrell completed 6-8 passes, but a Crawford fumble quickly ends this drive. Harrell had covered 44 yards on this drive and I really thought Texas Tech would have scored had Crawford not fumbled.

  9. 00:19 2Q 00:19 TTU 14, 1 Plays 3 Yards - End of Half

    Nothing to see here other than a short completed pass to Morris to end the half.

  10. 14:32 3Q 02:07 TTU 34, 5 Plays 34 Yards - Rushing Touchdown

    The key to this short drive is an OU fumble at their own 29 yard line, which was the result of what looked like it was intended to be a fake punt (OU only needed 1 yard) as the snap hit the back man and as the ball was turned over on downs. Harrell completes a pass to Amendola for 13 yards, two passes to Morris for 14 yards and Leach shows faith in Crawford, giving him the ball once before and again on the goal line for the touchdown. Believe it or not, with 11:55 on the clock in the 3rd quarter, this would be the last score by Texas Tech. Wow.

  11. 07:04 3Q 03:44 TTU 20, 10 Plays 46 Yards - Field Goal Missed

    Texas Tech starts out at their own 20 and Harrell completes 4-7. Crawford receives a pass for 22 yards to start the drive, and Crawford also gets 15 yards on a run a few plays later. It is a holding penalty that Texas Tech is unable to recover from and Leach attempts a 51 yard field goal from the OU 34 on 4th and 15. Trlica misses.

  12. 02:27 3Q 00:53 TTU 30, 4 Plays 15 Yards - Punt

    An initial 1st down with a completion to Crawford for 15, but 3 incompletions lead to a LaCour punt. An ineffective drive to say the least.

  13. 00:34 3Q 00:07 TTU 6, 1 Plays 0 Yards - Interception

    Harrell's 2nd interception of the night off of a tipped pass (I think). This is the only play of the drive and I'm thinking to myself that running no time off of the clock is a very bad thing.

  14. 14:03 4Q 04:31 TTU 24, 7 Plays 35 Yards - Punt

    A little more productive drive as Harrell completes all 6 of his pass attempts, but Texas Tech is hampered by a holding penalty which they are not able to recover from. Texas Tech ends up punting the ball at the OU 41 on 4th and 6. I think that Leach thought that the defense had played well enough most of the game, it was time to keep trusting them. The ensuing OU drive resulted in the 65 yard completion to M. Johnson. OU is creeping.

  15. 07:50 4Q 01:20 TTU 20, 3 Plays 8 Yards - Punt

    This drive and the next drive were absolute killers. Harrell takes only 1:20 off of the clock and no first downs. This is a killer as OU is now only down by 2 touchdowns. I'm getting really nervous.

  16. 05:10 4Q 01:12 TTU 7, 3 Plays 4 Yards - Punt

    Texas Tech gets the ball on their own 8 as I thought that OU should have had a touchdown (not my problem) as they went for it on 4th down. Crawford loses 2 yards, Harrell throws an incompletion and Crawford goes for no gain. I keep thinking that bad things are about to happen. The only good thing that happened on this drive is that OU burned their final timeout.

  17. 03:10 4Q 02:19 TTU 14, 3 Plays 1 Yards - Punt

    Another 3 and out, but at least Texas Tech runs the ball 3 straight times, running the clock to 0:41 seconds. We're all sure that by now, there's no way that OU can come back. OU's next drive is a TD in 0:20 seconds with an onside kick on it's way.

  18. 00:31 4Q 00:31 TTU 42, 1 Plays -7 Yards - End of Game

    McBath recovers the onside kick and the game is over.