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Random Thoughts on the Iowa State v. Texas Tech Game

  • Ruffin McNeill coaches up this defense. After every series is over, he is on the sideline talking to these players, motivating them, and teaching them. I can't tell you how many times during the game that Coach McNeill was in the face of the players, in a positive and motivating manner and explaining to them what they should have done. I left Lubbock more impressed with him than with anything else.

  • Marlon Williams is the unquestioned emotional leader for the defense. If Marlon doesn't get drafted or play professional football, then he needs to be recruiting and motivating for Texas Tech. You can tell that he's the kind of person that people like and rally behind.

  • Have we gotten to the point in our perception of the Texas Tech offense that 35 points just isn't enough? I heard a number of disappointing moans from our Texas Tech faithful if the offense didn't score. I guess the point being that I too expect to score each and every time, but I'm not going to throw my hands up in disgust if we have to punt. I think we have all taken on the philosophy of our head coach who thinks that we should score on every possession. That's not a bad thing, but the problem is that realistically, that's not always feasible.

    It was, however, refreshingly nice to think that the defense was the best unit on the field on Saturday. Think about how long it's been since we've been able to say that.

  • The defense is swarming, everyone is flying to the ball. I recall one play in the 3rd quarter, where Brett Meyer threw the ball to a receiver towards the sideline and Jamar Wall was covering him. The pass was completed for a 5 or 6 yard gain and Wall made a sure-handed tackle. The receiver was essentially stopped upon reception. The best part was that there 7 defenders who were all running over to help. Not watching the play, but running to make a play if Wall had not. That's what I see different. Remember too that this was the 3rd quarter where the game was clearly out of hand, the defense could have packed it up early, but every play they competed.

  • I too was a little disappointed in that the defense gave up 17 points, but consider that through 3 quarters the defense gave up 42 yards rushing and 93 yards passing. The defense that was out there in the 4th quarter was not the same defense that was out there in quarters 1, 2 and 3. The time of possession was severely in favor of Iowa State 34:49 to Texas Tech's 25:11. Those kids were tired. You should also be aware that Iowa State had no intention of trying to come back by passing the ball, which is what most teams do when they are trying to make up a bunch of points. I imagine that the coaches felt that they should bend a little more in the 4th quarter rather than give up a big play to make the game remotely close. Bottom line is that these kids played about as well as a defense can play. Remember that Nebraska gave up 369 yards to the Cyclones and Texas Tech was able to limit them to 287.