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Game Review: Iowa State 17, Texas Tech 42 - The Offense

  • Quarterback: I thought Harrell had a fairly average day, but average for Harrell is still throwing for 425 yards and 4 touchdowns. Watching the game it seemed like he wasn't as sharp as he usually is, but I think that's because ISU's Chizik threw everything at Harrell and this offensive line. The key of course is that he still exploited a defense that was trying to throw him off his game. I'll mention to that I think that it was good that Harrell saw a ton of different looks this week, I think it will beneficial in weeks to come. Back to Harrell, he still completed 80% of his passes, had a horrible interception, but looked to be a miscommunication between he and the receiver. Potts had a a series and was intercepted at the end of the game. He's raw, but good. I still think he needs a little more time on the bench, but Texas Tech is in capable hands if he has to play this year due to injury.

    Grade: B

  • Running Back: It's been hard to get a handle on Woods. There was no play where he just exploded or broke off a huge run and Woods' longest run was for 10 yards which meant that he was grinding 4-6 yards a touch. He does a good job of keeping the defenses honest and that's all you can ask. Lewis just seems too small to compete at the major college level. It's obvious that Coach Leach is more comfortable with the bigger back, and as quick as Lewis is, he's just not able to utilize that speed as much in Big 12 play.

    Participated: Shannon Woods, Kobey Lewis, Aaron Crawford, and David Schaefer.

    Grade: B-

  • Receivers: Once again, it is absolutely amazing to watch Michael Crabtree in person. He is so much better than what's ever been at Texas Tech, no offense to all of the greats before, but he is amazing. Just throw him the ball and watch him create. One more Crabtree note, I am a little sad that Crabtree will not see the Big 12's best this year. I would have absolutely loved to see Kansas' Aqib Talib and Crabtree go head-to-head, and it's still possible in the Big 12 Championship. I thought the wide receivers as a whole played well. I cannot recall where a pass was just dropped, which means that they are concentrating on each and every play and executing. The other important note is that the Texas Tech dink-and-dunk offense (I'm being sarcastic because this offense is evolving in to much more than that) averaged 11.5 yards a completion. Danny Amendola, Eric Morris, and Grant Walker were all solid. Freshman Detron Lewis saw quite a bit of time in the first half and Lyle Leong catches freaking everything thrown his way. Leong's going to be really good.

    Participated: Eric Morris, Danny Amendola, L.A. Reed, Michael Crabtree, Detron Lewis, Ed Britton, Adrian Reese, Lyle Leong, Kelly Hildengrandt, Brik Brinker.

    Grade: A

  • Offensive Line: I thought the line played well considering ISU brought a number of different looks blitzed from every position. Harrell was sacked 3 times and there were a number of quarterback hurries (I think there were actually 3 official). Enough negative. Harrell still had time to complete passes and he came out fairly unscathed. It's still pretty amazing, watching the left side of the line, Reed and Vasquez are rock solid. They are typically so much stronger than their opponent it's not fair. I had a pair of binoculars and focused on the play of the line quite a bit and those two are amazing. I thought Brandon Carter was solid despite coming off an injury and Winn was excellent in his first start at right tackle. One other note, Byrnes is such a quarterback for that offensive line. Before the play he has his head up, he peruses the defense and makes calls up until Harrell snaps the ball. I love watching these guys play, they all fight. I'd still like to see a little more from them running the ball and create a little more space for Woods. Overall, a pretty good effort.

    Participated: Rylan Reed, Louis Vasquez, Shawn Byrnes, Brandon Carter, Marlon Winn, Jake Johnson, Chris Olson, Stephen Hamby, and Justin Keown.

    Grade: B