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Game Review: Texas A&M 7, Texas Tech 35 - The Defense

  • Defensive Line: The defensive line, in part, gave up 233 yards rushing to a team that was averaging 248 before yesterday's game. Despite the yards, the key is that entire defense was able to hold A&M to only 7 points. The Aggies were 5-13 on 3rd downs, which means that this line held, not to mention Henley and B. Williams were putting some pressure on McGee. Perhaps the most impressive item was how the unit was able to hold their opposing offensive lineman which created definitive lanes for the linebackers to fill. More simply, I thought McGee and Co. had a difficult time getting much passed the line of scrimmage and I give credit to the defensive line. They didn't account for a bunch of tackles, but the defensive front held up the offensive line so that the linebackers could make the play.

    Colby Whitlock had 6 tackles and 2 quarterback hurries and he's improving each and every game. Brandon Williams seemed to improve as the game wore on and finished with 4 tackles, 1 for a loss of 4 yards and 2 quarterback hurries. Jake Ratliff, Rajon Henley, Richard Jones and Sandy Riley each finished with 1 tackle.

    Participated: Jake Ratliff, Colby Whitlock, Rajon Henley, Brandon Williams, Clint Stoffels, Sandy Riley, Daniel Howard, Tyler Yenzer, and Richard Jones.

    Grade: B

  • Linebackers: Brian Duncan and Marlon Williams are really emerging as quality linebackers. Duncan finished with 7 tackles and Marlon had 8 for the day. I'm not sure if anyone else is noticing, but Paul Williams' playing time is being reduced by the play of Bront Bird (who is actually listed as #45 Tyrone Sonier in the official game stats, but it's really Bird). Victor Hunter also had 2 tackles. Bottom line, the linebackers' jobs are becoming significantly easier because of the play of the defensive line. Filling the gaps and making tackles. Seems like a pretty easy concept,.

    Participated: Marlon Williams, Paul Williams, Brian Duncan, Bront Bird, Ryan Hale, and Victor Hunter.

    Grade: A

  • Secondary: These guys were jumping on passes and making plays all game long. Lots of credit should go to Joe Garcia (11 tackles and 1 for a loss) and Darcel McBath (10 tackles), who not only stepped up on the running plays, like they should, but they made sure-handed tackles when perhaps in previous games those tackles would have gone for long runs where I cuss at the television and throw my hat. They weren't perfect as a unit, but there were hardly any yards after the catch, which has always been for me the key in any secondary. Jamar Wall had 5 tackles, Chris Parker, who seemed like he had a number of big plays finished with 3 tackles as did Marcus Bunton. McGee finished with only 133 yards passing, which is about 30 yards less than his average. The Aggies' longest pass play was 18 yards by Bennett. A solid effort from this group. No complaints here.

    Participated: Jamar Wall, Joe Garcia, Darcel McBath, Chris Parker, Marcus Bunton, Daniel Charbonnet, Anthony Hines, Lance Fuller, LaShawn Vation, Jordy Rowland, and Steven Harris.

    Grade: A

  • Special Teams: The blocked field goal could have proved to be costly but it wasn't. I imagine that Trlica was trying to keep the attempt low due to the wind, but he has to make those. Still, Trlica averaged almost 70 yards a kickoff with 5 touchbacks (all with the wind at his back). The kickoff coverage unit allowed 25 yards on the Aggies' one return. The punt coverage team also only gave up an average of 7 yards for LaCour's 2 punts. LaCour probably had his best game of his short career as he averaged 46 yards a punt.

    Grade: B

  • Coaching: Coach Leach had faith in what he thought A&M would do and Coach McNeill is doing wonders. I don't have much to add, I'll let the game speak for itself.

    Grade: A