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Game Review: Texas A&M 7, Texas Tech 35 - The Offense

  • Quarterback: Seriously, Harrell was 30 for 37 for 425 yards, 3 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown. Let's delve into those numbers a little more, Harrell completed 81.1% of his passes, he had 11.48 yards per attempt (for those of you not keeping up, that's freaking amazing as he was averaging just a little over 9 yards an attempt for the season) and one touchdown for every 12.33 attempts (which is a little down, but he also rushed for a touchdown). It's not just the numbers, it what we see on the field and what we intuitively know as fans that he just looks "right". From the composure in the pocket, to threading the ball between 2 defenders, Harrell's got it.

    Grade: A

  • Running Backs: I didn't expect that, but that's what I love about Coach Leach and this offense. Much is made that this is a pass only offense, but Coach Leach took exactly what the Aggies gave the Red Raiders. It was nerve-wrecking at first, to see 5 rushing plays in the first 6 plays total, but Leach stuck with the plan because he knew it would work and it's safe to say that it did.

    Shannon Woods rushed 21 times for 93 yards and 1 score, but of those 21 rushes, 11 of those were for 5 yards or more and only had 3 plays where he was stopped for a loss or no gain. That is the definition of a running back working for your team and churning out positive yardage when the offense needs it. Woods ran hard all game long, not to mention, he was finally involved in the passing game, grabbing 5 passes for 33 yards. Kobey Lewis finally was able to be effective. Late in the game he rattled off a 22 yard run, but when the game was still close he took advantage of 2 nicely executed shovel passes.

    Participated: Shannon Woods, Kobey Lewis and David Schaefer.

    Grade: A

  • Receivers: Crabtree earned each and every yard today. There were no instances where he was left wide open by unsuspecting defenders, nope. Crabtree made most of his yards creating on his own after receiving screens from Harrell. He essentially put the Big 12 on notice that he will not be denied. Double coverage, be damned. We've seen in past games that Crabtree gets the bulk of the receptions, but today he did plenty with his 8. Harrell spread the ball around much more, Amendola had 6 receptions for 70 yards and a score. Britton got his first touchdown of the year and his career and was sure handed, which is good for the future success of this offense (i.e. have as many options that Harrell trusts as possible).

    Participation: Eric Morris, Danny Amendola, Michael Crabtree, Ed Britton, Detron Lewis, Adrian Reese, Lyle Leong, Kelly Hildengrandt, Brik Brinker.

    Grade: A

  • Offensive Line: These guys are making a name for themselves. Harrell does feel some pressure during the game, but they gave up 1 sack all day long. They created running room for Woods all day long. Most importantly, on every screen pass or shovel pass that worked to perfection, these men were running down the field and springing more blocks. The line was amazing, they were athletic and they were strong.

    I'd like to see these guys tighten up a little on the penalties. A false start here and holding there isn't necessary and with Mizzou coming up, on the road, we need to reduce as many mistakes as possible.

    Participation: Rylan Reed, Louis Vasquez, Shawn Byrnes, Brandon Carter, Marlon Winn, Stephen Hamby, and Justin Keown.

    Grade: B