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Tuesday Night Notes

We have some updates regarding the Big XII bowl situation and some additional coaching notes as well.  Chip Brown of the DMN reports that Texas will accept either a Gator Bowl or Alamo Bowl invitation.  Brown states that:

If West Virginia loses to Rutgers on Saturday, Texas (9-3) is Gator Bowl-bound, the sources said. If West Virginia beats Rutgers, the Gator probably will take the Mountaineers.

Given that, Brown then believes that:

If Texas goes to the Alamo Bowl, Texas Tech (7-5) would become a leading candidate for the Brut Sun Bowl against Oregon State.

We also have this note from Tim MacMahon in the DMN College Blog where Coach Leach acknowledges that he has not been contacted for the Miami job.  MacMahon also believes that Leach's name will more than likely come up for the Arizona State, Alabama, or North Carolina State job.  Honestly, I would be surprised if Leach accepted either of those jobs.  I personally see the Arizona State and North Carolina State jobs as a step down.  The Miami and Alabama jobs seem like a lot of pressure and I don't know if that fits Leach's personality.  Although I've never had the pleasure to meet Leach, I believe that winning motivates him and victories are a product of how he coaches, but I don't know if he has the demeanor to coach at Alabama and Miami.  I don't mean for that to be a knock on Leach, but rather something I perceive about his personality rather than his ability to coach.  Kind of like not every person is suited to join the army.  They seem awfully high pressure for Leach and his seemingly laid back attitude.

We also have this from John Miller of the FWST who has this note:

Texas Tech co-offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes will interview for Arizona's offensive coordinator position, according to Fox 11 in Tucson. The position became vacant when Mike Canales resigned from the position on Monday. Dykes, son of former Texas Tech head coach Spike Dykes, has been with Mike Leach since he took over the Red Raiders in 2000.

I have a hard time judging whether or not this would really affect the offensive production of this team.  Leach seems to have such a firm hold of the offense, this is not to say that Dykes wouldn't be missed, and I would think that this might be a nice opportunity for Dykes to step out on his own.