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Monday Football Notes

DMN's Tim MacMahon thinks that Tech will still go to the Alamo Bowl despite this past weekend's events.  Of the options available, I think that Tech is the most viable option for the Alamo Bowl given the attendance history.  

Since today is a slow news day I thought I'd pass along a couple of websites.  I love sports uniforms and I thought I paid attention to detail, but not like Uni Watch.  There is incredible history on this site, about all thing uniforms and if you have some time to kill at work or otherwise then I highly recommend it.  

I also discovered The Helmet Project on Uni Watch, which details helmets from 1960 to today.  The site is not "user friendly" and I can't link directly to the Texas Tech helmets, but check out the Texas Tech helmets.  If I can get permission, I'll post pictures of all of the helmets and we can vote on your favorite.  Once again, you could probably waste an entire day just looking at helmets.  The most interesting note I've discovered about helmets is about the Michigan "winged" helmet, which apparently originated at Princeton.