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Texas A&M 12, Texas 7

I always get so conflicted during these games.  I really don't know which team I have more hatred for, but generally, it's the team with the better recent history so I'd probably pick UT.

First, I have no sympathy for UT and their disdain for the officials today.  Some days chickens and some days feathers.  I wrote after the Tech loss to UT, that there were a number of questionable calls during that game, all of which can be detailed here.  That game made me sick to my stomach, but I didn't blame the officials, there are almost always opportunities to overcome a poor call during the game.  Officiating is a part of the game, and I hate fans that celebrate over a disputed win, but are beside themselves when it's the officials who "lose" the game for them.

Nevertheless, the outcome of this game means that OU has to win tomorrow in order to go to the Big XII Championship Game and UT stays home.  

If you had asked me before this game, if UT lost, why did they lose, I would have said that their defense is horrible and there's a better than zero chance that UT could not stop A&M's running game.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  The defense played okay, but it was the offense that just couldn't get anything going.  There's a couple of issues here, the first is whether or not Colt McCoy should have even played because of the latest injury, however, I can't help but think that this kid never experienced any type of growing pains throughout the year.  I know he was injured (especially at the end of the game), but what if it was just as simple as A&M doing just enough to keep McCoy off balance.  Inconsistency is going to happen to first year starting quarterbacks at some point, Tech fans know that.  

It wasn't just the McCoy, but it was also the total lack of a running game by UT.  With as many top 100 backs and lineman, you would think that the least they could do would be to run the ball, but that never appeared to be an option.  

A&M is a very mediocre team that won because they chewed up the clock and kept UT's offense off the field.  They won because McGee was able to run, but I think that they will lose more games over the next two years because McGee can't throw the ball to save his life.  Let's not forget A&M's ability to convert on 3rd downs, 10 for 16 is a ridiculous percentage for any team to convert (A&M) and a ridiculous percentage for any time to give up (UT).  

The other interesting item was that A&M was able to just eat up the clock the entire game.