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Happy Thanksgiving - Thursday Morning Notes

I really enjoy reading the LAJ's Don Williams as I believe he is one of the few writers who has a real handle on this Texas Tech team.   I also really enjoy reading Don's Q & A articles.  This week, among other things, he discusses whether or not this team underachieved and the rational for penalties.

Quickly, I don't think that this team necessarily underachieved because we had a very young quarterback learning a complicated system.  That takes time, Harrell is young and I can live with that.  As far as the replacements for the seniors, I think that Leach has done a nice job of filling in the offensive talent everywhere.  Defense is another issue, one that we'll get to later.  

Williams' explanation of the team penalties seems crazy.  I've heard that a team that gives up 100 yards of penalties has essentially given up a touchdown.  I don't think that this team or any future teams will have so much talent that they can afford to do this.  The examples that Williams gives, West Virginia and Florida, probably have more talent, top to bottom, than Tech and can afford to give up some points, but I do not believe that Tech can.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  If you are traveling, stay safe.