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Early Morning Wednesday Notes

More from last night's loss to Air Force, DMN's Tim MacMahon writes about a couple of things of note.  The first being that the team was not made available for the 3rd straight game and Knight had this to say about his team:

"We can't play against that defense without an inside game," said Knight, who played a small lineup most of the game. "We just don't have that right now."

I am very worried about this team as we head towards Big XII play.  Without a consistent post presence the Red Raiders will be forced to depend upon their guard play all season long, two of those guards have never played a Big XII game.  Plefka led all big men with 17 minutes and Dora had 5 minutes.  

Jeff Walker of the LAJ has another Air Force game write-up.

There's not any football news, other than an LAJ football notebook.

It will be a long day for me so there won't be any other posts until then.