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Very Late Tuesday Night Notes

Sorry I'm so late, we're moving offices at work and I'm just now getting home.

Tech played Air Force tonight and lost, badly 67-53.  You can see the AP story here and the box score here.  Just taking a look at the minutes played, the guards (Jackson, Burgess, Valentine, Zeno and White) played 71.5% of the minutes.  Most likely Air Force is an undersized club so I'm sure that had something to do with the lack of big men getting any playing time.  Tech shot 39% from the floor while Air Force shot 45%.

Tech also lost last night against Marquette, 87-72 and it wasn't even close.  Knight had this to say about why he left his big men on the bench for most of the second half..  DMN's Tim MacMahon does a really good job of breaking down last night's game here.

A commentor mentioned that Iowa accepted the Alamo Bowl bid today.  Don Williams of the LAJ writes that the Alamo Bowl committee is trying to decide on Texas Tech or K-State.

For those of you who were not at the OSU v. Tech game on Saturday, you'll be able to catch a replay on Tuesday at 11 on FSN.

I am probably going to have one more late night of moving office furniture and setting up cubicles so I apologize in advance.