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Monday Notes

There's actually quite a bit of news today, both basketball and football.


The biggest news is where Tech will play for their bowl game.  Chip Brown of the DMN thinks that Tech will go bowling against Iowa in the Alamo Bowl.  In the same article, Tim MacMahon has a note that Tech is now 4-24 when trailing at half-time under Leach.

Don Williams of the LAJ once again writes that Tech will go to one of three bowls:

Tech figures to wind up in one of several late-December games - the Alamo, Insight or Independence bowls. The Sun Bowl is another possibility, but the Sun can't invite a Big 12 team if the Gator Bowl does, which some expect.

Don has a couple of nice quotes from Leach, the first regarding Robert Johnson, and his eratic play:

Yeah, isn't that an understatement? And the thing is, you saw a variety of faces there all in the same game. You
saw the unstoppable one. You saw the fast one. You saw the slow one, and you saw the dozy one. The fast, explosive one with all the intangibles, that's what we're shooting for this next game we play.

I think it's safe to say that Johnson has been somewhat of an enigma throughout the year, from being disciplined, to simply just not catching passes, he's done it all.  Despite all of that he's done a nice job of putting together a really solid season (80 catches 774 yards, 10 touchdowns).

The second quote was from Leach is where he praises the defense for Saturday's effort.  

Defensively, I thought we played real well,'' Tech coach Mike Leach said. "We had several key stops. Kept them pinned down there a couple of times. Almost had a safety. Defense really played well, and defense had several key times where they had to step

I agree, only one big passing play (34 yards) and the defense did a really good job of holding OSU when it mattered.

The San Antonio EN predicts that Tech will face-off against the Golden Gophers in the Alamo Bowl.


Picked up in a staff and wire report on the FWST,  the Raiders signed two players to their 2007  recruiting class.  You can see the recruiting list here.

Although I'm a little late, here's a preview of tonight's Tech v. Marquette  game by the LAJ's Jeff Walker.

Tim MacMahon has a great article about the relationship between Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski .  I recommend that everyone read this.