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Mens Basketball

BREAKING: Russel Tchewa enters his name into transfer portal

"Big Russ" likely leaving the program and will look for more minutes elsewhere.

The 2020 VTM Fantasy Basketball Draft

The VTM staff is getting together and drafting from a pool of the greatest Texas Tech basketball players of all time.

Texas Tech targeting plenty of top transfers in 2020 (updated list)

Even if there’s only one scholarship available Chris Beard has proved that every spot on his roster is at a premium.

The multiverse of Chris Beard’s 2020-21 roster(s)

Breaking down almost every situation that could cause this roster to look different for the 2020-2021 season.

A (way too early) look at the 2020-2021 basketball roster

As one of the most highly anticipated seasons in program history approaches, one question remains. How good is this team?

Moretti coming back to Texas Tech may not be as black & white as we thought

The point guard is mulling over his future amidst the coronavirus outbreak; an Italian publication states.

BREAKING: Texas Tech scheduled to play Gonzaga in December 2020

As the Zags look for Elite Eight revenge, a young Red Raider team will look to prove the preseason hype with an early litmus test at a neutral court.

The 2019-2020 Red Raiders Men’s Basketball Season Awards

Recapping a short but sweet season and giving some appreciation to the guys who made it so special.